Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've found a new hobby! (maybe)

So, my mom has made me many very cute dresses, a pair of bermuda shorts, and two jackets. I have had much fun wearing my hand tailored clothes. I mean, that's the life, right? Getting your clothing made for you!

Last time we got the bug to go to Hancock Fabrics I decided I was gonna give it a try myself. We set out on making this really cute skirt.

That is my skirt in the making. Those are my box pleats! We had a time pinning those bad boys!

If you look closely you can see the red thread sewed thru the top...that's for the gathers! So I pleated AND gathered on my first attempt! Ok so I admit it, my mom led me thru it all step-by-step. I probably couldn't have even read the pattern correctly it she hadn't been there to translate it for me.

Don't forget the interfacing! (I think that's what it's called!) Fancy, huh?

The final product will be modeled at Farmington Baptist Church tomorrow morning. I know you all will attend to savor my handiwork. Just don't look too close at the stitching got a little crooked there. :)


Please say a little prayer for Jeremy and I Tuesday as we make a super quick trip to Little Rock to go for an informational class at a doctor's office. No health problems at all to worry about. I will let you know the details when we get back. We've got some hopeful things coming up this spring! Ihope to get to grab lunch while we're in Little Rock with my best friend, Natalie, who will have just come back from Cabo San Lucas! (I've missed her so for the last, uh, 4 days, every time I wanted to pick up the phone to gab!) Then we will come home to a busy work week and a busy revival week at our church. Oh not to mention...someone is turning 28. So I'm looking forward to some scrumptious dinner prepared in my honor...anyone?

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davidcatherinewilson said...

fancy, fancy! Can't wait to see your skirt. Happy Birthday this week!