Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few photos and a link you should visit

We are trying baby food now! We started today tasting a few things. This is the face he gave me after his first bite of peas.

That is his opinion on pears! He seemed to like food! We'll see if we find anything he doesn't like. I think I might puree my own baby food when possible. Today I made him some sweet potatoes and froze it in small portions. Hopefully I can keep up with it.
This picture is a few weeks ago. Jonah had his first dip in Mimi and Grandpa's pool. He did really well. I was very surprised that he didn't even cry a little bit getting into the colder water. He would sit in his floaty thing and kick his feet and splash with his hands.
This is Jonah jumping in his jumperoo. I put him in the bathroom doorway while I get ready.
Here's me and Jonah. I took this picture, so it's not that great, but it's one of the few I have with me in it.

We have completed a week of teaching Jonah to sleep in his bed. He has done very well. He is still getting used to a schedule, but I think in another week or so he'll have it down. The only thing we struggle with is that he is still waking up every two to three hours. He goes back down pretty easily, but it's like his body is just used to waking up that often. He is in a habit of eating at night. A book I read suggests just slowly cutting short the nursing sessions by 2 minutes every night and I guess letting him cry for the rest of the times he wakes up. What would/did you do?I don't know if he will ever sleep through the night!

Please stop by my mother in law's blog. She is in Little Rock undergoing treatment at UAMS for Multiple Myeloma. She is going through some pretty intense therapy that includes chemo, stem cell growth shots, fluids ran through her kidneys daily through a port in her chest, and several other drug therapies that go along with it. Many days she is very tired and run down as they spend long hours at the hospital. UAMS is the premier location for treatment of Multiple Myeloma in the United States and maybe even the world. She is doing well, but I know this is taxing on her emotionally and physically. She is blogging about her journey. She will be in Little Rock for perhaps several months. So stop by her blog, say hi, and catch up on the details. The family has taken shifts to be with her there. Jeremy, Jonah, and I were able to go down over 4th of July. Jeremy is headed down tomorrow for a day or two until his dad can make it down for the end of the week/weekend. I know she misses Jonah, but right now, her immunity is down and she can't be around too many people, so we will wait until she can be around more people. I just wanted to address it because many of you know what she's going through, but may not have known she has a blog and you can follow her journey. She's a strong woman and she will come through this with God's help and unconditional love. We love her to pieces!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Catch Up

Yes I know I've been absent for awhile. I guess I just haven't been able to balance being a mom, working almost full-time, and blogging. I am getting better and better at it, and some days are easier than others, for sure. I actually can get some dinner cooked sometimes.

Jonah is almost 6 months old now. I cannot believe that it has gone by so fast. We will be starting baby food soon. Now we're just trying to perfect cereal!
This is how we look every night when we eat cereal. Needless to say Jonah gets a bath next.
Here Jonah is doing his most favorite pasttime. He loves his jumper. He smiles the whole time he's in it.
Ok, so maybe I'm partial, but he is the cutest, roly-polyest little thing. I love every inch of cellulite and fat rolls!
He's getting good at rolling over and trying to get mobile. He rotates on his belly. I have no idea how long it takes of rocking and trying to get his knees up under him until he can actually crawl, but he's trying!
When we first found out Jonah was a boy, we set out to buy him his first pair of Wranglers. He can finally wear them. I think they're so funny.
Here's my boy asleep in the morning in our bed. Yes he sleeps in our bed. That's how it has been since he was younger and would not sleep much at all. Well tonight we decided that the every 2 hr wakings and the 1 1/2 hrs of trying to get him to sleep in the first place are over. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be done with his sleep training. We are going by the The Sleepeasy Solution. It basically says we do a modified 'cry it out.' We let him cry while coming in at designated increments of time and reassuring him. The first time we put him down tonight it took him less that 30 minutes, then he woke up an hour later and cried for almost an hour. IT IS KILLING US. But we both know that what we were doing wasn't working, so we had to make a change. He's one of those kids who doesn't like to sleep and won't. You can barely get him to sleep while he's in your arms and forget trying to put him down. Ain't gonna happen. Anyway, I'm in for a night of this. Hopefully it gets better??? Has anyone out there had to do this? Heaven knows, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't feel like I HAD to.

I better run before he wakes up, since I'm supposed to wake him to feed him, instead of him waking up on his own and getting fed.

This post will catch me up on what's been going on. I will post (hopefully) soon to update you on our weekend and what else is going on in our world!