Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Is the weekend over already?

Friday Jeremy and I were invited to a bonfire for our cousin, Catherine's 30th birthday! David, Cat's husband, had planned an elaborate surprise birthday party. We were to meet at a specific location at 5:15 to caravan down to the scene of the tractor with the trailer and the haybales. Jeremy pulled us all on the tractor out to the woods to get set up for the surprise. Jeremy had a series of calls he had to make to David to let him know that we were ready for them to come. They showed up and I think we really did surprise her. We had a good time roasting hotdogs and eating cupcakes. I ate waaayyy too much. Then we stayed over at their house until 2 a.m. talking and laughing. We had a really good time. We don't get to see them enough.

Saturday, I worked, then rushed home to make some chili for our church bonfire. Yep I said bonfire. We had two in one weekend. I happen to be a girl who loves hotdogs, so I was in luck. I made the chili for chili dogs. We went out and roasted ourselves as well as the hotdogs around that fire. Jeremy and I then headed home to get into bed early to make up for the lack of sleep we got the night before.

Sunday we went to church, ate lunch, went shopping for a dresser for Jonah, went to Walmart, to Jeremy's basketball game, and finally to choir practice at church that night. We were so pooped from the running around that when we got home, we probably were both asleep on the couch before 9.

Speaking of shopping for a dresser for Jonah. Look at what we bought!
I know its not a great picture of it, but I am so excited! It is actually a TV stand. I know, weird that I would buy that for a dresser huh? Well I think I will buy some baskets for that open part on top and presto! a dresser. It was very affordable as it was clearanced because the style was being discontinued. It should be here in 2-3 weeks. I cannot wait to get it into his room.

Speaking of Jonah's room, check out the paint job so far.The bottom part of the wall is a barn red and the top is cow print. We were so nervous when jumping in there to draw the cow spots!We practiced drawing them on paper until we were pleased with them and finally put paint to wall. I think they turned out well. We have another coat or so of the spots to finish and the chair rail to paint and put up. Then the next step will be to get the carpet installed, then the crib set up, then his dresser.

Look at the letters I mod podged today.I swear I rotated this pic before I uploaded it, but blogger decided it wanted it this way. The J is hay, the O is bandana, the N is cowboy words like buckaroo, yeeha, the A is bandana, and the H is a wood panel print. That was the first time I have done that. I am excited to get it on his wall.

One more picture! My belly!

Its getting out there! This was 29 weeks 5 days. I cannot believe that I am about to hit 30 weeks. I can't wait to see this lil guy's face! With the holidays hitting soon, I think the last 10 weeks will fly by. That's why I have to take my Mondays to get stuff done! I am off to finish the one last thing on my to-do list for today: exercise! Happy Monday!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Thanks and BHS 10 yr Reunion

Thanks for all the sweet comments about the loss of our puppy. I felt better knowing that I am not the only one who would be very sad at the loss of their pet. I'm still not quite used to the quietness around our house. I have not broken the habit of thinking I need to feed her in the mornings...or looking for her to run up and greet us when we come home from work. I have not moved any of her things: her bed, her food bowls, her leash...all where it should be. I couldn't bring myself to take down her picture from my station at work. Although it is almost more painful because unknowing customers will ask me about my cute dog in the picture!

Moving right along...My 10 year high school reunion was last weekend. It included a daytime picnic at the park in my hometown and dinner and such at The Flying Saucer in Little Rock. It was a big nerve wracking experience getting ready for it, but once we were there, I had a really good time. It was so nice to see old classmates. I don't have the pics off my camera yet, but I stole some from Facebook!

This is a pic of us from our picnic. I know you really can't tell where I am or anything, but just an idea of how many of us showed up. I graduated with 320 something and I have no idea how many actually came to the reunion. There were too many kids and spouses to really get an idea. This isn't so great of a shot of my group of friends. I am standing in front of my husband (sorry!) but you see how great we all looked ;) L to R: Natalie, her hubby Jeremy, me, my hubby Jeremy behind me, Kristen, her hubby Mark behind her, and a friend from high school Amanda. We had a big after party (haha) at IHOP afterwards (we were starving) and didn't get home until 2 a.m. That is a rarity for me! I do have better pics to share and I will do so when I can remember to bring my USB cord for my camera to my mom's next time.

As for Jeremy and I, we are trying to get this nursery underway. It is getting there, albeit very slowly. Unfortunately we have to work and such in the meantime. I am still working on the bedding. I finished the ties for the bumper pad recently and they were a booger! Not hard, just a pain. Anyway, they're done, so now I move onto actually sewing the bumper pad. Hopefully that will go quickly. Like less than 11 weeks, because that is all I have left! Maybe 12 at the most if I go a week late! Aye yi yi! We are working on our Christmas choir performance at church and I am worried that I may not be able to stand very comfortably by then! Oh well, I gotta stand at work too, so I will figure something out! I think the end of this year is going to fly by.

Have a great week all! Say a prayer for God's will for us this week, we may have an offer on some of our land soon. That would be a wonderful opportunity for us, Lord willing.