Monday, September 29, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

Annual Girls' Weekend has come and gone...and we did it all! My best girlfriends came into town Friday night after a short detour through Wooster and Springfield, Arkansas (on accident mind you). We talked and talked until 3 a.m. We're not so young anymore...none of us do that staying up late thing anymore, but we had a lot to catch up on. We finally trudged to bed only to wake up early the next morning. We woke before 8 (Natalie said she can't help but to wake up at 7, no matter how much sleep she gets. I, on the other hand, have no trouble sleeping in past 7!) We talked and ate cinnamon rolls until we could motivate ourselves to get ready to shop till we dropped!

We hit Target first. The plan was to get me registered and then we'll do all our fun shopping. They both led me through the baby section at Target with much expertise. We took down strollers, clicked the carseats in and out, and folded and unfolded everything to decide what we liked. (I actually did not find a stroller I liked, there were only two in the store to choose from). They told me everything they liked and hated about their highchairs, swings, bottles, etc. So I got all my gear scanned into my registry. Then we shopped the rest of the day. Literally we got home after 9 p.m. with only a couple stops to eat. We had mexican for lunch and Noodles for dinner. Yum! Those are our two traditional meals we eat for our girls' weekend. We crashed into bed that night at 10!

Sunday we went up to the salon and cut both girl's hair. Kristen got a cute new 'do! Nat got a good trim. We have a high school reunion coming up this month and we all wanted to get fresh hair for the festivities. (I have SERIOUSLY bad gray roots right now...I will HAVE to take care of that soon!) Then we headed to Rogers to shop at the Promenade. I found some cute black maternity pants and the girls found a few things there too. I bought Jonah a cute Razorback onesie. Then it was time for the girls to head back to Bryant. I was sad to see them leave. I wish they lived closer to me! I know they missed their babies and their husbands. Thanks girls for coming! I can't wait until I get to see ya again at our reunion in a few weeks! I couldn't have registered without you! My husband says he sees a rare side of me when I'm with my best girlfriends. He says I act goofier and happier. He's right, that's what good friends are for!

I had a doctor's appointment today. I was very scared that I was going to gain A LOT this month because a scale at another drs office two weeks ago had said that I had already gained 6 lbs, IN TWO WEEKS. I was so afraid I was gonna hit 12 or 15 lbs in ONE MONTH. Surprisingly that scale must have been callibrated differently because at Park Hill I only gained 4. Weird, huh? I'm sure that I will probably still have a 10 lb weight gain or so one month, but just not yet. Anyway, I had my glucose test and it was not bad at all. The drink wasn't nasty, the dr appointment was quick. I got to hear his heartbeat and he measured right on for 24 weeks. Then went back down to the lab to get my blood drawn. I know that place pretty well. My veins have seen that needle a million times it feels like. I think the women that work in the lab know my name and address by now since I was in so much during IVF and before that. :) I haven't heard anything back about the glucose test, but it was only this morning. I imagine if there's anything to be concerned about I'll hear back about it in the next couple days. I hope I don't hear anything!

After my appointment I ran errands all day. I bought some CUTE stuff at Bella's in Springdale. Take a look:

Isn't he cute? He's a Gund horse! So soft! Burp cloth and pacy clip. I thought it was pretty cute. Boys are fun to shop for!Are we seeing a theme emerge? That is a hooded bath towel. Yes it is a cow.

Yes these are cows too! I normally don't like these types of shoes but they were so stinking cute and they're for when he's little. They even have a little tail on the heel of the shoe!

These are the Razorback pacifiers. I have a friend who says her son preferred these to any other ones, so I thought I'd get Jonah a pair. My heart melts when I see pacifiers! I have no idea why, I guess it is the realization that I'm about to have a house full of this stuff! I can't wait. I had a dream that he had a lot of hair. I will be interested to see if I was right! I have dark brown hair and Jeremy has medium brown hair (ok we both have a little gray, me much more than he), but when we were kids I had light brown with a bit of auburn, he had white blonde hair. So we'll see what Jonah gets. There is also a pretty strong line of blue eyes in both our sides. I don't care what color his eyes are, but I (not being a biologist or a geneticist) would think the chances of his being blue are good.

Anyway, boy, I have rambled! I guess I had lots to tell you about my weekend! I hope you had a great one too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 23

This is my belly at 22 weeks 4 days. I usually end up taking my belly pic after I've exercised so I look pretty rough in most of those pics. I figured I'd take a pic of myself after church to prove that I actually do wear real clothes once in awhile! :)

Not that much has been going on lately with us. Friday I got new tires on my car (so painful to pay for!). Oh and last weekend my sweet hubby cleaned out our garage so my car will fit in it with much room on each side for me to get Jonah in and out of the car. His boss's wife accused him of nesting. I think we are, but thank goodness! I kept waiting for that motivation to hit me!

Saturday I worked during the Razorback game and then bought the remainder of the fabric for Jonah's bedding. We bought this beautiful dupioni silk in a deep red color. Red is my favorite color and I probably would've figured out how to work it in a nursery scheme regardless of baby's gender, but it is much easier since he's a boy. That was my one splurge fabric because it was a little more costly than the others I bought, but still not too bad. Now I just gotta get the silly crib ordered. I have narrowed it down to 3 I think. One at Kid's Furniture here in town, one at and one at Next up is getting the nursery painted and picking out a stroller...those are the three big projects I feel weighing on me a bit lately.

This weekend is Girl's Weekend! I know I've mentioned it many times, but it is finally happening. (We've been working on nailing down a date for awhile). I am looking forward to it so much. I will take Saturday off from work and meet my two best friends from home for shopping, eating, and catching up. They both have two kids each and will leave their kiddos at home for a break. I know its hard for them to plan to leave their babies so I appreciate getting them up here to see me! Last time my friend Kristen was pregnant and now its my turn. Maybe next year, Natalie will be pregnant again. ;)

Sorry, its been a slow blog week for me. I've not had much going on. I am off to cut out my baby bedding pattern. I cannot wait to see it coming together! I will post updates!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heelllooo Belly! (Goodbye feet)

21 weeks 1 day
HELLO Belly! Have I grown or what? I feel huge. Yes I do know it will get much bigger. I do not know how I will find room for the next 19 weeks. I'll manage somehow! I am definitely getting the double take at work now. For the longest time I was able to hide behind my apron and not say anything about it if I didn't feel like it. Now people are noticing something is different. I had a customer tell me that she could tell I was pregnant the last time she came in (I was maybe 9-10 weeks along at the time) because of my walk. Then I had another customer say I had the "pregnant butt." Here comes the onslaught of unwarranted comments, huh?
This is my most recent conglomeration of fabrics I think I want to use for Jonah's bedding. We are sticking with the cowboy theme as you can see from the cow print and the stamped leather material. The other stuff I just liked. So we'll see if this all makes it into the final product.
This is my find from the Clothesline Fair in Prairie Grove. They always have this booth that stamps names on the western leather belts. Now don't think I will be dressing my son in hickwear often, but I think the belt will be cute worn now and then or on display in his room.
Look how tiny the smallest belt is! I figured I can get one for him every year or as he needs a bigger size. I think that would be a cute keepsake for me. He's a boy, he won't care, but someday maybe his wife would think its cute to see them.
Old Navy is having a baby sale! 40% off! Woohoo! I found a few cute items. I never know if I should focus on the baby size for the season or the next year. I know people like to buy little stuff for the baby shower, so maybe I should focus on bigger baby clothes. But heaven knows I will be shopping for the boy after he's born too. I mean I won't do it all now and quit! Please!

I loaded this pic the right way, but for some reason it wanted to be sideways. Oops! I thought the monkey was super cute and the onesie in the middle is a tiny monkey print. Cute! I think it will be cozy for a winter baby. I wonder about shoes too...I mean do infants wear shoes often? I mean a lot of their cuddly stuff has feet in it. I guess I can get a pair or two. Its not like they're extremely expensive!

Jonah has been a bucking bronco in there. I definitely can tell that he moves more after I eat and especially when I've eaten something with some sugar in it. Jeremy has felt him a couple times now and he's as amazed as I am. Honestly I know there's a baby in there, but I cannot comprehend it. A complete human! Praise God that we get to experience this. I mean He could have just as easily had us hatch our babies like birds. Weird thought, huh?

My family members with needs for prayer of healing are getting better, but please continue to mention them in your prayers. Also a customer of mine, who has the neatest family of 9 biological and adopted children, has taken their youngest to Arkansas Children's Hospital for surgery today. She is around 15 months old and went thru a very long surgery for a disorder that is very rare. What a doll she is! Pray for a quick recovery for her.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Decisions Decisions!

Thank goodness I have my friends Kristen and Natalie coming up for our annual Girl's Weekend! How would I register for this baby without them? I am clueless! I've been checking out strollers and travel systems, but have no idea what I will like. On one hand I would like a jogger stroller with the carseat that clicks in. In my mind that would be the ideal, because you have your everyday stroller and your jogger. You can lock the front wheel in place or let it swivel depending on your terrain. Very cool. Only problem is there are few companies who offer one of these jogger/carseat combos. One of them is extremely expensive--the stroller itself is almost $400 and then you buy the attachment that lets you put the infant carseat in for $50, then you have to separately buy a Graco carseat. YIKES! Too much monies! The other company I have seen is Baby Trends at Target. They have the whole jogger/carseat combo offered together for less than $200. good some good reviews on Amazon and some not so good. Here's a pic from Target:

Ok, it doesn't have the infant seat clicked in in the pic, but you get the idea. OR do I want a regular Graco travel system and carseat for everyday, then a separate jogger stroller. They aren't that expensive for just the jogger, but the youngest you can use it is around 6 months. BUT my baby won't be born until January, so it will be close to that until I can use a jogger anyway. As crazy as I am, I will not drag my itty bitty baby outside in the winter. Or the extreme heat.

Also to compound this stroller insanity...I have no idea what to pick for a crib! I don't want to cheapest one OR the most expensive one. So you girls with experience, give me some advice! Ok, so I know these aren't real worries. Just the things rattling around in my head lately. On that note, I have some good friends and family with prayer requests concerning their health. Please mention them in your prayers if you think about it. I have at least 4 on my mind right now. Thanks!

How Crazy Am I?

Ok I was tagged like 3 weeks ago by Jenna- a preggy buddy and have been meaning to answer it. Since my computer is dead :( I have been having to go to my mom's to use hers. My Iphone lets me read everyone else's blogs, comment on them sometimes, but I cannot post any. :( So I am sooooo slow to updating lately. I am gonna start saving for a new computer yesterday!

Tag, You're It!
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1.) I have to kiss my dog on the nose every day before I leave for work. I also ALWAYS tell her to be a good girl and that I love her. Strange? yes, but I feel as though if I don't, something bad will happen to her and she wouldn't know I loved her!
2.) Many people have said this, but I am not a phone talker. I can carry on a long conversation with my best friend, Natalie, but I've known her for how many years? A bazillion. I am just uncomfortable on the phone! I feel like I am bothering people and what if I don't have much to say? Nat, remember when you used to call businesses to sell ads for yearbook for me?
3.) I find myself talking customers out of sales at work all the time. I can admit this, because I own the business. I just can't stand the thought of someone buying a product I've recommended and they end up hating it.
4.) I have a lot of anxiety talking to people I don't know, but guess what? I decided to be a hairstylist! I deal with people everyday and its good for me. I think I'm pretty good at hiding my anxiety.
5.) I don't really care for chocolate. I like it in something, but if the dessert is just thanks...ok maybe if I have a big glass of milk.
6.) I am obsessive about one thing. The sheets on my bed. Ask my bffs or my hubby. I've been this way since middle school. I have to have my sheets tightly tucked in at the bottom and no slack in them. They must be pulled tight over my feet at all times. I make my bed before I get in it.

I just made myself sound like a total NUT! Oh well, hopefully you love me anyway!

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