Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Shogun Style

Awww! Look at my pretty girls! That's my sister Laura, niece Keely, niece Katy, and my Mom. We went to Shogun's for my bro Darren's birthday. It was mucho fun, but I didn't think about not really being able to talk to each other very well. Jeremy and I were seated all the way across the table from my brother and his girlfriend, we didn't get to chat much.
There they are! The guest of honor, Darren, and his g/f Kelly. We teased Darren about making them come out and sing Happy Birthday to him- they dim the lights, play this loud music, and turn on a blue strobe light- and he said no. As a matter of fact, Jeremy said if they did it one more time to other patrons of the restaurant, he just might bolt for the door. My sister's goofy dancing to the music is probably what kept him from leaving. Happy Belated Birthday D! (I still don't like it when you get means I'm working on getting older too).


Kelly said...

Ummm... if I send you a good picture of me will you post it? What is wrong with my face?

davidcatherinewilson said...

Okay, that can not be your neices. When did they turn into grown women? They are so beautiful! by the way, I love the green shoes! We
re going for the green theme this year at Easter, I may have to pick me up some of those!