Monday, March 17, 2008

I need a weekend after my weekend!

The weekend goes by WAY too fast!

First of all, I am feeling much better than I was as of my last blog post. It took me several days to even begin to feel like I was part of the human race again. But I am back to normal, minus some goo floating around in my head.

So Friday started off well. I had a busy day at work scheduled and slowly but surely I got cancellations. Two color appointments cancelled, then later in the afternoon, I got another color cancellation! Its crazy how that will happen to you in one day every now and then. Anyway, my last cancellation was a late one so I was pleasantly surprised to get to leave work early (at 5).

I called up my hubby and told him to meet me in town and we would go to dinner. I then was hoping that he would agree to go look at new lighting for the salon. He was agreeable enough so we went to Marketplace Express then onto Lowe's for lighting. I picked out a chandlier, and he picked out sconces for the walls. I trust his instincts with lighting because he's a residential electrician so he sees what looks good in houses and what doesn't. My hubby was ever-so-kindly planning on using his Saturday off to come up to the salon early and put up the new lights. We went by the salon to drop them off and got distracted looking around...end ended up putting them all up and rearranging the whole waiting area in the salon.
Thank goodness for that Chick-Fil-A milkshake we shared. (You must eat one if you haven't had them...or better yet, DON'T eat one, you will be addicted.)

I am very pleased with the new look of the salon and I will post pics soon so you can see how wonderful it looks!

It started off like it usually does. Me hitting snooze on the alarm for about 30 minutes to an hour. I made it into work and was done by 2. My mom met me up at the salon for some much needed Hancock Fabric shopping! My mom is an excellent seamstress and makes me beautiful clothes! I am so lucky! Here's what we bought!
That's the first pattern above and this is the fabric we picked out for it. It will be like the bottom right picture on the pattern cover with the black sash. So cute! I'm looking forward to wearing it. Here's the next one:

It will be made in two fabrics: this green cotton jersey material and a funky black and white pattern. It is a cute, casual, comfy pattern that I look forward to wearing this summer!After all this fun shopping, my mom and I met Jeremy for an early dinner at Red Lobster. Then we headed out to Greenland to hang out with Jeremy's cousin David and his wife, Catherine. We got to hang out with their two boys before they went to bed. They have been working on their house for quite awhile and I hadn't seen it yet. It looked so good!

We went to church, then lunch at Firehouse Subs (sooooo good), then home to watch the Razorback game. I actually was doing some baking at the time so I didn't watch much of the game, but I listened as Jeremy and his friend Matt yelled at the TV occassionally. I was then off to choir practice and church. Our church had a team called White Mouse Puppet Ministries visiting that night. It was the cutest puppet show ever. There were tons of kids there to watch and they were oohhing and ahhing and talking to the puppets. Very cute. Then J and I were on to Powerhouse for his mom's birthday. We had a great meal followed up with birthday cake and this wonderful punch. Think strawberry, milk, club soda, and ice cream.

So since the weekend was so busy, I took my Monday off to run, do laundry, and veg a little. I got a nap, did a workout with Jeremy, had a meal with my friend Krissi at Gaby's in Prairie Grove, went by my Mom's and now its time to do the week all over again! I plan to be much better about eating at home this week! I'll let ya know how well it works soon!

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davidcatherinewilson said...

hey. i finally am able to see your new layout as i am at my mom's which = high speed. Yes! Love the new look and all the fun pictures. Those dresses are so cute!