Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you had a great holiday yesterday! We had a good day ourselves. We woke up early to eat our cinnamon rolls and get ready to go over to J's parent's house. We didn't have a gift to open at home since we decided to buy our laptop as our Christmas gift to each other, so we headed on over to the the Woody's earlier. We both got some great gifts! I loooovvvee getting cooking stuff and I got just what I wanted. I got a cooking utensil holder, some Oneida serving pieces, a nice skillet, and a casserole dish and insulated holder. Jonah got some cute stuff too.

Jonah got some Johnny Poppers boots and I got a pair of running shoes. I was so excited to get both! I have really wanted those boots and Aunt Kara got 'em for him. I have been needing new running shoes FOREVER, but they can be soooo expensive and usually they're ugly because you get what feels good not what looks good, but this pair is super cute!

Jeremy's mom got his dad a Wii! They took no time hooking it up and playing. Here's a nice little video of Kara and Jeremy boxing each other. I am the one laughing in the background!

After the Wii fun, a trip to Grandma Jo's house, more Wii fun, we went to see Marley and Me. I have read the book. I know what happens. Why did I go? It was so good, but I cried like a baby. Twice. I was afraid I was gonna cry audibly in a packed theatre. The movie is PG and there was only one curse word in it. Kind of a nice change from the norm.

Here's some pics from Jonah's scrapbook. I received this scrapbook as a gift from Jeremy's Aunt Candes at the shower at her house on Thanksgiving. I LOVE it. There are many more pages she did for me. She must have known I wouldn't have the time with a new baby to do this myself! ;)

These are a few pics of Jonah's room getting more complete as every day passes.

Before Christmas update

I wrote this post a few days its a little outdated, but had some good info!

Hey everyone! We finally got our laptop! This has been a long time coming. I am definitely a picky shopper when it comes to large purchases. I get so nervous when I buy stuff! My heart was beating so fast when we were waiting in line to pay for it. Anyway, it’s done, and my blood pressure is slowly returning to normal.

It has been a true whirlwind the past few weeks. I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! We have taken our childbirth classes and I went to my breastfeeding class last week too. As a matter of fact, I ran into Kelly at that class. I saw her and thought that looks an awful lot like her, but I wasn’t sure. I think her hair was a little longer than in her pics on her blog! Ha. Anyway I was confirmed when I saw the sign in sheet and her name was there. So I said hi after class. How funny to run into people from the blogosphere! She was just as sweet in person as she is online!

I need to update you on my last shower! It was almost three weeks ago now. It was in Bryant--where I am originally from. It was at my aunt’s house and family and friends were invited. My best friends, Natalie and Kristen, threw the shower with my Aunt Nadine and her daughter-in-law, Courtney. I received some great gifts, had great food, and visited with relatives and friends for quite awhile. I received my highchair, swing, bumbo, boppy, some toys, diapers, wipes, lotion, some very cute outfits, and a very special quilt that Natalie’s mom, Judy, made for us. It is perfect for Jonah’s room and it has so much hand stitched detail. I would never have the patience or creativity to do that!

Last weekend was crazy! Friday evening I was frantically trying to clean my house. Saturday morning we had our last childbirth class. Then later that afternoon, my family came up to celebrate our Christmas on Saturday. My brother smoked a brisket that was so good. He made baked beans too. Then between my mom and I we had twice baked potatoes, corn, homemade rolls, salad, egg nog, pecan pie, chocolate cake, and banana pudding cheesecake. It was a very different Christmas meal, but we usually do something different. By Christmas we are tired of turkey and dressing, so we dream up something else to fix. Last year I think we had filet mignon and the one before we had prime rib.

I cannot believe that my pregnancy is coming to an end! I have no notions that I will go early. I really think I will be overdue. Just my feeling, I guess. I don’t particularly want to be induced, but if he’s not coming, I will do what I have to. I don’t have any real anxieties about it all…yet. I’m sure they will come, but for now it still seems so far away…but it’s so NOT far away! Can I say I can’t wait till this boy ‘drops’? I can’t breathe! Oh well, he’s worth it. I’ll take a few extra deep breaths every few hours to keep enough oxygen in my brain.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend

I had a weekend of baby showers! It was really nice! I ate great food and got great gifts for Jonah. Our Saturday shower was given by four of our friends, Jessica, Ashley, Mindy, and Krissi. It was held at Jessica's new house. It was decorated for Christmas and so pretty. Jessica always has candy sitting out in candy dishes for each holiday. This time she had the Christmas equivalent of those Mini Cadbury Eggs. Oh good for a preggie. Or really anyone. Just ask my husband, he usually gets rid of her candy for her.

Look at my cute cupcakes! They tasted just as good as they looked.
My diaper cake given to me by Jessica and Mindy.
This is the small wipe holder that goes in my diaper bag. So cute and in my colors too.
Isn't this the truth? The money funnels right through Mom and Dad and ends up with the kids in their piggy bank. It is already the way it's worked, but I wouldn't have it any other way! These are just a few pics of the many nice things we got at this shower. We received Jonah's exersaucer, highchair, mobile, a hand crocheted blanket and many other practical items we needed so bad.
That's Melissa, Jessica, Little Harbor, and Me (not looking too great).
These are my hostesses: Krissi, Me, Ashley, and Jessica. Mindy couldn't actually come because of a family illness.

There are sooo many other good pictures of this shower. Jessica's mom, Karen, took pictures for me and they turned out really well. Here's my next belly shot:
This is 33 weeks 3 days. Yowza!
This is me and the grandmas! The left is my MIL, Barbara and the right is my mom, Jeanette. Ain't they cute? They're about to be wrapped around a little boy's finger! Who am I kidding? I am too!
Next post I will show pics from my Sunday shower in Bryant. BUT those who took pics...please email them to me at: Somehow I didn't get any! Too busy eating, hanging out with family and friends I hadn't seen in forever, and opening some great gifts.

Thanks for all your comments on Jonah's room. We worked hard and the whole time I was so afraid it wasn't going to turn out like I had hoped. I love going in there and just sitting on the floor and imagining what it will be like when he's here! Here's some pics of the finished bedding actually on the bed. The red in the bedding doesn't photograph well I don't think. It is a much prettier red in person.

I haven't tied the denim ties yet, so they're just hanging there in these pictures.
Its all coming together. Now I am just working on organization. I'm not sure I will have that figured out until I actually have to use everything. I also noticed some contractions today...more like Braxton-Hicks and a few minutely uncomfortable ones while I was running/walking. I figured maybe I am walking this boy out. My first 'check' is a week from Monday...lets pray for at least 1 cm!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Finally I am feeling productive!

Sorry everyone! I have not been a good blogger lately. I swear soon, when I pick out my new laptop, I will be much better! It has been crazy busy lately. Work has been very busy, usually requiring late nights, so by the time I get home...I'm pooped.

We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I am so sad that it's over tomorrow. The first day back to work is always the hardest! We ate 4 Thanksgiving meals this week. That is way too much turkey for one person! Somehow I managed to make mashed potatoes for every meal...I did not really plan it that way, but I got very good at peeling and mashing! I think I've got it down to an art! J and I got our tree up last night, we got Jonah's room underway, and I got some sewing done! It was a very productive weekend.
Let me show you some pics!
This is Jonah's room with the paint done, the trim up, and the carpet laid! What a weight off our shoulders! The next thing we had to do was assemble the crib!
Jeremy's mom, dad, and brother Andrew came over to help us put Jonah's crib together. I feel like I've been waiting forever to get to this point! That bed being set up really seems to make it feel more real!
I picked out this crib and Jeremy's parents ordered it for us. I LOVE it. It is antique black and I really like the way it stands out against that red wall!
There's the finished product!
Look there's the dresser that my mom bought us. I love it too. It is also an antiqued black with a bit of reddish undertone. It is the piece that I picked out that was a TV cabinet, but I will use it as a dresser/changing table. For now I have folded up blankets and put them in that cubby on top that a DVD player would usually go into. I will probably buy baskets soon to slide in there, but the blankets look cute for now.

Each side of my husband's family had their own Thanksgiving meal and they also each had a little baby shower for me. It was great. I got my sling, monitors, shopping cart cover, lots of cute clothes, my jogging stroller, many blankets, lots of toys and books, my fitted sheets, thermometers. Catherine made me the cutest canvas.
She was so worried that I wouldn't like it, but what's there not to like! It is so cute and I cannot wait to hang it! Also Jeremy's Aunt Candes made me a scrapbook for Jonah's first year. It is so cute and well-done. I will take pictures of it for my next post. I have two showers this weekend and I am so excited. I love getting to see everyone and eat!!
As for Jonah's bedding, I have gotten more done! I spent several hours today at my mom's house sewing, but the bumper pad is done!
None of these pics really do it justice. That is one side done in the red with denim ties and piping. The other side is cow print.
I will take a pic of it on the crib. That way you can really get an idea of it all! Otherwise you will have to come to my house to really get the idea!
I better run! I am hoping to make it to the gym before it closes! I am going to the doc every two weeks now and do not want to tip the scales any more that I already have. (Last month was a nice weight gain). I am really looking forward to the drs visit after Christmas...ok just kidding, I am really not.
I hope you all had a great holiday and made it thru your Monday back at work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Is the weekend over already?

Friday Jeremy and I were invited to a bonfire for our cousin, Catherine's 30th birthday! David, Cat's husband, had planned an elaborate surprise birthday party. We were to meet at a specific location at 5:15 to caravan down to the scene of the tractor with the trailer and the haybales. Jeremy pulled us all on the tractor out to the woods to get set up for the surprise. Jeremy had a series of calls he had to make to David to let him know that we were ready for them to come. They showed up and I think we really did surprise her. We had a good time roasting hotdogs and eating cupcakes. I ate waaayyy too much. Then we stayed over at their house until 2 a.m. talking and laughing. We had a really good time. We don't get to see them enough.

Saturday, I worked, then rushed home to make some chili for our church bonfire. Yep I said bonfire. We had two in one weekend. I happen to be a girl who loves hotdogs, so I was in luck. I made the chili for chili dogs. We went out and roasted ourselves as well as the hotdogs around that fire. Jeremy and I then headed home to get into bed early to make up for the lack of sleep we got the night before.

Sunday we went to church, ate lunch, went shopping for a dresser for Jonah, went to Walmart, to Jeremy's basketball game, and finally to choir practice at church that night. We were so pooped from the running around that when we got home, we probably were both asleep on the couch before 9.

Speaking of shopping for a dresser for Jonah. Look at what we bought!
I know its not a great picture of it, but I am so excited! It is actually a TV stand. I know, weird that I would buy that for a dresser huh? Well I think I will buy some baskets for that open part on top and presto! a dresser. It was very affordable as it was clearanced because the style was being discontinued. It should be here in 2-3 weeks. I cannot wait to get it into his room.

Speaking of Jonah's room, check out the paint job so far.The bottom part of the wall is a barn red and the top is cow print. We were so nervous when jumping in there to draw the cow spots!We practiced drawing them on paper until we were pleased with them and finally put paint to wall. I think they turned out well. We have another coat or so of the spots to finish and the chair rail to paint and put up. Then the next step will be to get the carpet installed, then the crib set up, then his dresser.

Look at the letters I mod podged today.I swear I rotated this pic before I uploaded it, but blogger decided it wanted it this way. The J is hay, the O is bandana, the N is cowboy words like buckaroo, yeeha, the A is bandana, and the H is a wood panel print. That was the first time I have done that. I am excited to get it on his wall.

One more picture! My belly!

Its getting out there! This was 29 weeks 5 days. I cannot believe that I am about to hit 30 weeks. I can't wait to see this lil guy's face! With the holidays hitting soon, I think the last 10 weeks will fly by. That's why I have to take my Mondays to get stuff done! I am off to finish the one last thing on my to-do list for today: exercise! Happy Monday!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Thanks and BHS 10 yr Reunion

Thanks for all the sweet comments about the loss of our puppy. I felt better knowing that I am not the only one who would be very sad at the loss of their pet. I'm still not quite used to the quietness around our house. I have not broken the habit of thinking I need to feed her in the mornings...or looking for her to run up and greet us when we come home from work. I have not moved any of her things: her bed, her food bowls, her leash...all where it should be. I couldn't bring myself to take down her picture from my station at work. Although it is almost more painful because unknowing customers will ask me about my cute dog in the picture!

Moving right along...My 10 year high school reunion was last weekend. It included a daytime picnic at the park in my hometown and dinner and such at The Flying Saucer in Little Rock. It was a big nerve wracking experience getting ready for it, but once we were there, I had a really good time. It was so nice to see old classmates. I don't have the pics off my camera yet, but I stole some from Facebook!

This is a pic of us from our picnic. I know you really can't tell where I am or anything, but just an idea of how many of us showed up. I graduated with 320 something and I have no idea how many actually came to the reunion. There were too many kids and spouses to really get an idea. This isn't so great of a shot of my group of friends. I am standing in front of my husband (sorry!) but you see how great we all looked ;) L to R: Natalie, her hubby Jeremy, me, my hubby Jeremy behind me, Kristen, her hubby Mark behind her, and a friend from high school Amanda. We had a big after party (haha) at IHOP afterwards (we were starving) and didn't get home until 2 a.m. That is a rarity for me! I do have better pics to share and I will do so when I can remember to bring my USB cord for my camera to my mom's next time.

As for Jeremy and I, we are trying to get this nursery underway. It is getting there, albeit very slowly. Unfortunately we have to work and such in the meantime. I am still working on the bedding. I finished the ties for the bumper pad recently and they were a booger! Not hard, just a pain. Anyway, they're done, so now I move onto actually sewing the bumper pad. Hopefully that will go quickly. Like less than 11 weeks, because that is all I have left! Maybe 12 at the most if I go a week late! Aye yi yi! We are working on our Christmas choir performance at church and I am worried that I may not be able to stand very comfortably by then! Oh well, I gotta stand at work too, so I will figure something out! I think the end of this year is going to fly by.

Have a great week all! Say a prayer for God's will for us this week, we may have an offer on some of our land soon. That would be a wonderful opportunity for us, Lord willing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Puppy!

We are very sad today. My sweet dog, Riley, was hit by a car this weekend. She was staying at my mom's house (which she's done a million times) and dug out of her backyard. She's done that many times too, usually she runs around and then makes her way back to the front door. This time she wandered out to hwy 62, only made it a 100 yards or so and was struck. My mom called me as I was driving back into town from Little Rock to tell me that Riley had dug out and she had been gone an hour. I was not too worried because she is a free spirited dog and pretty smart. Mom said she'd call if she didn't come back soon or if she did show up. Jeremy and I were headed straight to his parent's house to have a birthday dinner for his dad, but we just thought maybe we'd just run by my mom's and locate Riley then go to his parent's. When we pulled up to the turn in to her neighborhood we saw her on the road just a little ways up. We pulled over and Jeremy went to check on her. She had passed away, but was not too beat didn't look like she suffered. He pulled her into the grass so he could come back later that night with a truck to get her and bury her. Jeremy and his dad returned later to pick her up and they burried her on his parent's land by their yellow lab that they lost a few years ago. Needless to say, we were very sad, many tears have been shed over this puppy. She was gentle and well-mannered for the most part and really was a good companion to both of us. She particularly liked Jeremy and I was so jealous! :) She will be sorely missed. I think we both felt like a special member of our family had died.
We love you and will miss you, Riley!

I will update you on my 10 year class reunion at a later date. I forgot to bring the camera cord to upload my pics. In other recent events, I went to the doctor today for my 28 week checkup and all is well, I'm measuring how I should and still feeling good. I did get a flu shot and it didn't hurt from the needle but later that soreness in my arm hurts! I went through all those shots and blood draws with no problems and a lowsy flu shot makes me feel like a pansy! Oh well, its worth it not to get the flu!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nursery work, baby stuff, and HELP!

Slowly but surely, Jeremy and I have been hacking away at the nursery. He has actually been working in it, I have been sewing for it. I've seen all you fellow blogger's pics of your nurseries and I cannot wait to get mine done. We kinda had a setback to start with. We had a spot on our roof that leaks when it rains hard. :( Of course it happens to be in the room we want to use as the nursery. Jeremy has attempted to find the leak several times and replace shingles and such to stop it, but to no avail. We had to call in a pro. So luckily last weekend he did fix it for us for a great price. Step one: DONE! Here's where we are now:We had to then tear out a bit of sheet rock to ensure that we got rid of any and all mold. We did. Now we will replace the insulation and have our pro come out and sheetrock and texture the wall. Jeremy will then enlist the help of a couple friends to replace the trim and the closet door facing. Then we will look into getting new carpet for this room. Yes its overwhelming, but it had to be done.

Next step is PAINT! From there it should be easy breezy. I feel so bad since I haven't really been able to help...I can't really climb up on the roof or be around fumes these days, but I can help with crib assembly and the fun stuff. In the meantime, I am working away, albeit slowly, at the bedding. My mom will be probably taking up the slack for me. I work late most nights, so it is difficult to head over to my mom's too many nights of the week to sew. I usually make it once or twice a week. (I go over there to sew because I need her help!! I can't always decipher those patterns.)

I wanted to show you guys a pic of a cute gift I received last week. It is from Jessica's mom! Jessica is a fellow blogger and I also know her in real life! She, her mom, and her aunt come into the salon to get their hair done by one of my co-workers, Lyndsey (she's in the shower pics on Jessica's page.) Jessica's mom has followed my blog and has left many sweet comments. Anyway she made Jonah a couple bibs, a burp cloth, and a cute pacy clip. Thanks so much! I loved my gift.
Our church does the Trunk Or Treat thing for Halloween. I will be there either handing out food or candy or singing a little with the band. Maybe all three, not sure. Anyway, I need a costume idea! I need an easy idea that is 1) church appropriate 2) cheap and 3) big enough to fit my belly into! Any ideas?? Help! What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

25 weeks

25 Weeks!
Oh Bessie! I feel like I'm growing EVERY day and I probably am. I've been super hungry lately...I think he's going through another growth spurt. Milk has been my main craving lately. I drink it with stuff, alone, in the morning, and at night. We've gone through a lot of gallons of milk lately. Sooo good.
I bought one more thing for this lil guy. I know and I have quit. I have cut myself off from buying more stuff for him. But here it is:
I found it at the Apple Festival in Lincoln last weekend. I like strolling through the booths and eating apples and caramel. I also had some apple cider. Yum. Anyway, I bought this from a booth where the lady who made the bags had her embroidery machine. Yea! I also got a burp cloth that matched.
Cute, huh? Also I've been working on some of the easier parts of Jonah's bedding. Here's the dust ruffle before the box pleats have been done.
I know you can't tell much from that pic, but use your imagination! I can't wait to get it done to see it all together. Jeremy and I were discussing the other night how we only have 15 weeks until Jonah is due...YIKES. Time has flown, but I have a feeling it will slow down once I get more uncomfortable. Oh well I am not complaining...or trying not to.
So my 10 year reunion is coming up. In two weeks I will be making the drive down to Bryant to see lots of people I haven't seen in forever. I think it will be fun. Trying to find something to wear has been a different story. Can't fake the thin look this year. It took long enough to get this round belly, so I'm gonna be proud of it.
I'm headed home to cook my Amish Friendship bread. It's gonna be chocolate chocolate chip bread...I hope it's good. I'll let ya know! I need something else to wash down my milk with!
PS Kristen and Natalie, be looking in your mail for another (small) cute item I picked up. I didn't make it, but you guys could at home sooooo easily. Anyway hope I got your curiosity up!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

Annual Girls' Weekend has come and gone...and we did it all! My best girlfriends came into town Friday night after a short detour through Wooster and Springfield, Arkansas (on accident mind you). We talked and talked until 3 a.m. We're not so young anymore...none of us do that staying up late thing anymore, but we had a lot to catch up on. We finally trudged to bed only to wake up early the next morning. We woke before 8 (Natalie said she can't help but to wake up at 7, no matter how much sleep she gets. I, on the other hand, have no trouble sleeping in past 7!) We talked and ate cinnamon rolls until we could motivate ourselves to get ready to shop till we dropped!

We hit Target first. The plan was to get me registered and then we'll do all our fun shopping. They both led me through the baby section at Target with much expertise. We took down strollers, clicked the carseats in and out, and folded and unfolded everything to decide what we liked. (I actually did not find a stroller I liked, there were only two in the store to choose from). They told me everything they liked and hated about their highchairs, swings, bottles, etc. So I got all my gear scanned into my registry. Then we shopped the rest of the day. Literally we got home after 9 p.m. with only a couple stops to eat. We had mexican for lunch and Noodles for dinner. Yum! Those are our two traditional meals we eat for our girls' weekend. We crashed into bed that night at 10!

Sunday we went up to the salon and cut both girl's hair. Kristen got a cute new 'do! Nat got a good trim. We have a high school reunion coming up this month and we all wanted to get fresh hair for the festivities. (I have SERIOUSLY bad gray roots right now...I will HAVE to take care of that soon!) Then we headed to Rogers to shop at the Promenade. I found some cute black maternity pants and the girls found a few things there too. I bought Jonah a cute Razorback onesie. Then it was time for the girls to head back to Bryant. I was sad to see them leave. I wish they lived closer to me! I know they missed their babies and their husbands. Thanks girls for coming! I can't wait until I get to see ya again at our reunion in a few weeks! I couldn't have registered without you! My husband says he sees a rare side of me when I'm with my best girlfriends. He says I act goofier and happier. He's right, that's what good friends are for!

I had a doctor's appointment today. I was very scared that I was going to gain A LOT this month because a scale at another drs office two weeks ago had said that I had already gained 6 lbs, IN TWO WEEKS. I was so afraid I was gonna hit 12 or 15 lbs in ONE MONTH. Surprisingly that scale must have been callibrated differently because at Park Hill I only gained 4. Weird, huh? I'm sure that I will probably still have a 10 lb weight gain or so one month, but just not yet. Anyway, I had my glucose test and it was not bad at all. The drink wasn't nasty, the dr appointment was quick. I got to hear his heartbeat and he measured right on for 24 weeks. Then went back down to the lab to get my blood drawn. I know that place pretty well. My veins have seen that needle a million times it feels like. I think the women that work in the lab know my name and address by now since I was in so much during IVF and before that. :) I haven't heard anything back about the glucose test, but it was only this morning. I imagine if there's anything to be concerned about I'll hear back about it in the next couple days. I hope I don't hear anything!

After my appointment I ran errands all day. I bought some CUTE stuff at Bella's in Springdale. Take a look:

Isn't he cute? He's a Gund horse! So soft! Burp cloth and pacy clip. I thought it was pretty cute. Boys are fun to shop for!Are we seeing a theme emerge? That is a hooded bath towel. Yes it is a cow.

Yes these are cows too! I normally don't like these types of shoes but they were so stinking cute and they're for when he's little. They even have a little tail on the heel of the shoe!

These are the Razorback pacifiers. I have a friend who says her son preferred these to any other ones, so I thought I'd get Jonah a pair. My heart melts when I see pacifiers! I have no idea why, I guess it is the realization that I'm about to have a house full of this stuff! I can't wait. I had a dream that he had a lot of hair. I will be interested to see if I was right! I have dark brown hair and Jeremy has medium brown hair (ok we both have a little gray, me much more than he), but when we were kids I had light brown with a bit of auburn, he had white blonde hair. So we'll see what Jonah gets. There is also a pretty strong line of blue eyes in both our sides. I don't care what color his eyes are, but I (not being a biologist or a geneticist) would think the chances of his being blue are good.

Anyway, boy, I have rambled! I guess I had lots to tell you about my weekend! I hope you had a great one too!