Monday, October 24, 2005


Okay...let's all take a collective sigh together...ready? Aaaahhhhhh...

The house is built. We are living in it and cluttering it up with our stuff. Of course there's still some small stuff to finish, but who needs paint on the columns outside, or patches made to the drywall where the stupid trim carpenter put holes in it, or curtains??? Not me, apparently, because right now, I'm too tired. Of course my husband finds it quite humorous to mention the fact that he plans on doing this all over again in two years. He says, I'll find this gorgeous piece of land and start bringing around house plans and telling you how much money we'll make on our house by selling and how much we'll have paid on the new one and you'll be bossing me around in no time. Hmmmm....I'm already enthralled just at the mention of it, but I am also quickly overcome by extreme exhaustion. Have-no-motivation-whatsoever exhaustion. Maybe the fact that winter is coming just adds to it. I have a lot of trouble making my body want to move when it gets cold. It is happy curling up in flannel and fleece under my super cuddly cashmere throw blanket...on my new couch...watching Grey's Anatomy on DVR. Just the thought of it makes me want to go home.