Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Fall!

Jeremy must have said something about bedtime to Jonah, because Jonah wasn't having that!

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we went to a pumkin patch and got some cute pictures. I got very few of Jonah actually smiling or looking at the camera, but that's ok. They don't have to be perfect to be cute.

It was such a pretty day Sunday, but we were all so tired from the week that we just didn't have it in us to spend much time in the sunshine today.

Jonah is 9 months today. I cannot believe that he is that old! I can't believe that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, then his first birthday. I know it will all come and go in a blur.
Poor Jeremy had to wear his glasses today because his eyes are giving him fits from accidently sleeping in his contacts. I have two weeks left to finish making Jonah's skunk costume. I am about halfway done, but the part that is left is the more detailed work. October has crept up on me for sure. I feel like the weeks go by in the blink of an eye. I am lucky that my weekend consists of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (lets be honest Sunday is super busy and doesn't really count as a day 'at home'.). I spend my Mondays and Tuesdays doing laundry, cleaning, going to Wal-Mart, and maybe cooking for the only times during the week. I try to sneak in a run or at least a walk on those days. Then Wednesday-Saturday is a whirlwind trying to work and take care of my boys. I have a couple late nights where I don't even see Jonah before he goes to bed (I do, however, see him around 11 pm and 5 am and sometimes he'll even throw in a 2 am) :( I certainly don't like that, but its not an all the time thing and I am thankful that I have a job in this economy.
I am excited to see Jonah dressed up for his first Halloween. Its kinda strange for a 9 month old to go trick or treating when he has no idea what candy is...unfortunately his momma and daddy do. I can feel the need for a candy intervention coming at the Woody household.
Happy Fall Y'all!

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend! Jeremy and I spent the week slowly getting our house together for our church group to come over for "Movie Night on the Lawn." More like "Redneck Drive-in." We basically set up a makeshift movie screen on our house and turn on a projector and watch a movie. Everyone brings food, lawn chairs, and blankets. We had about 20 people, kids included. It was a success!
We watched "Race to Witch Mountain" with The Rock. We needed a family friendly movie. I can never calm down enough to actually watch the movie.
Jamie modeling her (my-ha!) warm jacket and fuzzy blanket-two must haves for Saturday night. It was chilly!

The guys usually shoot skeet before we eat. I guess they have a lot of fun doing that. They also throw a football around until we beg them to come in and eat before the food gets too cold.
That's a really far off picture of the guys in our backyard shooting things.
We ate a plethora of mexican casseroles, dips, and desserts. I made a recipe I saw from Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life-Dinner Recipes Post. It was for Mexican Cornbread Casserole. I liked it, I think I may have to throw that one in the dinner rotation. I also got lots of new dinner recipes to try out. I also tried Paula Deen's Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies.
No this is not an actual picture of the ones I made.

This is Paula Deen's picture. I omitted the pecans. I'm sure they woulda been good, but not sure how many people like nuts. My cookies were much uglier, but it didn't matter because they were gone very quickly. I heart red velvet anything and when I was looking up this picture to show I saw a recipe for Red Velvet Bread Pudding. Um, I will be making that.

Here's some more pics from the par-tay!Becky, Sadie, and Katy- two of Farmington school's finest teachers

Brittney and her two kiddos. Let me say I am impressed that she can carry them both. I better start building my arm muscles for the days when I (hopefully) have more than one baby

This is Jonah on the right with his buddy, Aaron. Aaron is 6 weeks older than Jonah. They are becoming quick buddies.

An action shot of me and a spoon!

I would have loaded many more pictures of you guys (thanks Jamie and Nick for the pictures...I obviously stole them from your Facebook page!) but it takes forever to load them and move them where I want 'em. I lost patience!!

I am headed down to Little Rock tomorrow for the Dave Matthews Band concert. I will probably be driving down and back in one day. I just can't stand to be away from my fam too long these days (I haven't left Jonah overnight yet...I know I'm working on it.) I better head to bed or I will be doing this tomorrow:

Goodnight Y'all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It is really storming outside tonight. Well by now the loss of the Razorbacks has sunk in. I just thought I'd show you a pic of my two cuties in their Razorback gear.
Saturday Jeremy, Jonah and I headed to our friends house for the game. I am sorry, but I am not much of a football fan. I know people don't understand that. I can appreciate a Razorback game, but I'm not going to watch it on my own. Anyway, at the Froud's house, I dropped off my boys, and left with the other wives for a great dinner at Noodles. It was really good for us girls to get to eat and talk without the kids. And there was no wait whatsoever!

Then Sunday morning our church hosted a speaker from the State Baptist Convention who spoke on stewardship. We learned a lot about our finances. I am really excited to put to practice what we learned.

I am still working on Jonah's costume. I have the bodice done, I just need to finish the paws, the tail and the hood. Those parts have all the cute details like the white fur that makes it really look like a skunk!

Here are the bibs I put iron -on letters on. (I don't know why this picture loaded sideways). I had put Jonah or his initials on so many of them, I had run out of those letters. So I tried to think of other phrases to use up some letters.

I've also decided against making Jonah a trick-or-treat bag. Instead I decided to buy a bag and decorate it with fabric and ribbon. I will also probably get his name embroidered on it. These are my latest projects. I usually get to work on them in the evenings while Jonah sleeps. Jeremy usually mows the lawn, catches up on his shows, or does this: Seriously, I did not set this picture up. He fell asleep this way. I was reading a magazine on the other couch and glanced over at him to see if he was nodding off...and he this. He had no idea I took his picture until later when I showed it to him.

Jonah has been teething again. He has one upper front tooth poking through and I'm sure the other upper front tooth is soon to come. He hasn't slept well in the last two weeks. He also hasn't taken a bottle in the last week and a half or so. Im trying to work with him on using a sippy cup. He will nurse when I'm home, and eats baby food while I'm at work, but has refused bottles when my mom tries to give them to him. It worries me, but he certainly isn't losing any weight from it. I do think it keeps him waking up during the night to eat though. This momma hasn't gotten a full night of sleep in over 8 months, but honestly I'm used to it. He is so happy during the day and is a pretty easy going baby. If not sleeping well is the trade-off for a happy-go-lucky baby, then I'll take it. My mom said I didn't sleep or eat much as a baby and the doctor told her not to worry about it as long as I was growing properly and seemed happy. I'm pretty ok today, so I try not to worry!

What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

For all of you out there who tune into my blog to see what Jonah is up to, here are two videos for your viewing enjoyment. I LOOOOVE to hear him laugh. And no one can make him laugh like his daddy.

I sure wish I knew how to edit out my voice!!

This pretty well gets me caught up! I hope this will get Jonah's Mimi, Aunt Laura, Sissy, Aunt Nat, Aunt Kris, Katy, and Keely through until our next installment! We miss you!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Midweek blurb

I know I promised you Jeremy's baby pictures. Hopefully this week I will get them scanned in. While I research which 3-in-1 printer to buy, I wanted to leave you with this.

It is hilarity. The blog title says "When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong". Is it sad to say that I spent some (ahem!) time Friday night looking at all the pictures and laughing out loud by myself? I just love the ways that these people screw up cakes and still try to sell them. Sunday's blog post is reserved for good professional cakes. That's fun to see too, but the bad ones make me laugh. Out loud. By myself. I think it's the commentary that makes it so funny to me. If you don't think its as funny as I do...well, my hubby tells me I have a 'different' sense of humor.

Here's my next sewing project!

Jonah is going to be the skunk in the bottom left corner. I have all the pieces cut out. Now to start piecing them together. I wonder how long Jonah will let his momma make stuff for him.

I will post pictures as I progress on his costume. Hope yall are having a good week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who does he favor? Part I

What do you think? I think Jonah favors his daddy a lot. Then sometimes when I see pictures of my brother as a baby I think he favors him. I guess it is possible that he looks like both.
Here's Darren and I. I am not sure how old we are...Darren is probably 5 or 6 and me somewhere around 1 or 2. I think Jonah favors me in this picture! Of course I look like a little boy, so that could be why!
Darren again around 1 or so. I wasn't even a glimmer in my mama's eye yet, and Jonah certainly wasn't a glimmer in anyone's eye yet! I still see some similarities.

Here's Darren at Easter. I'm guessing around age 2 or 3. So cute and so Jonah-like!

I just included this shot of Darren because he was walking at 9 1/2 months old. I also like the pic of my dad in the background. Mom said I walked at 11 months and I am just fine if Jonah waits a little longer. Of course I want him to be in the normal range, as early or late as that may be, but mama needs some time to get used to "crawling Jonah" before he becomes "walking Jonah."
I will have to scan in some pictures of Jeremy soon and you will see the resemblance to him too. I really don't care who he looks like, it's just fun to see these old pictures!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's creeping...

I am about to be in trouble...

Don't you think? He's going to be into it all and fast at it!

Don't you just love a baby in pajamas?
I'm not tired, mom!
The reason he's so drooly? Check out those two bottom teeth.So Moms out there...when did you give your baby teething biscuits? Puffs? Anything other than baby food? Ive been reading up on it and it seems like it I should be giving him lumpier textured foods, but he acts like he doesn't like the chunkier foods. I'm sure he's just not used to it, but I wondered at what age are they ready to start mashing food.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Don't

I've sat idly by and watched as Jenna over at Jenna's Journey has done her "I Don't" Wednesday. I've thought about participating, I've started to participate, but finally I have decided to play along. I honestly have a hard time coming up with things I Don't do...but I'll manage.

Jenna’s Journey Blog
  • I don't like a tangled mess of sheets on my bed when I get in them at night. It makes me crazy.
  • I don't like to make phone calls. I have to make myself answer my phone sometimes. Don't take it personally, its not you, its me.
  • I don't like sweet pickles. My husband's grandma makes her own and I hear they're wonderful, but I don't like 'em. I try them every year and nope, nothing has changed yet. Ditto on salmon and mushrooms.
  • I don't play games. I don't want to hop in on a game of basketball or volleyball. I am not interested in throwing a ball around the pool. I don't want to play the Wii. I'm sorry, its just not fun to me.
  • I don't like putting away laundry after its folded, or putting away the groceries. Those are just pet peeve chores that I don't particularly like!
  • I don't ever want to go back to school! I'm done with that chapter of my life (hopefully)!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jonah pics galore!

I am a little behind. I have to say our summer has been busy. The weeks fly by to me. I feel like I finally get to the weekend and then it flies by too. I can't believe summer is coming to an end and I only have gotten in the pool twice. I keep telling myself that next summer I won't have a 6 month old and I can possibly enjoy the pool more! I know it will be harder to keep up with that little guy and I will not get any less busy. That's life.

What have we been up to lately? Well Jonah has hit a few milestones. We are eating baby food. I have made a little myself, but most of it I buy. He likes most everything, but does not seem to like peaches. I don't know why anyone wouldn't like a peach, but I will give him the right to not like it.This boy does like prunes. Everyone makes a face when they see he's eating them, but they're good for him and he likes 'em, so prunes it is! I mixed some avocado and bananas together and it really tasty, but he wasn't quite sure of the texture yet. I probably should have pureed it, but I just mashed. We'll try that again later!

He is also sitting up some. He is not so great at it for long periods of time, but for a few seconds he's got it! ha!Here Jonah receives some balancing help from the boppy and his toy basket!

Jonah has also been attempting to crawl. For the longest time, he would pivot on his stomach, then this past weekend, he started what my husband calls the inchworm. He pulls his knees up under him then tries to move his hands forward. I guess its a sort of army crawl.
Just put something in front of this baby he wants...and bam! he will inchworm on over to it. He's such a little man, he inches for the remote control, our cellphones, and the computer. He also loves to play in the basket that holds diapers in the living room.
Little guy also has a tooth. It is barely pushing through and it is giving him some real trouble. He hasn't slept well in the last week or so, which makes it hard on his momma! I am not a morning person anyway, but after a long night, all I can think

Jeremy and I have gotten our gym membership up and running again. I had been wondering how I was gonna make that work. So yesterday I took Jonah with me in the jogging stroller. By mile 2, he was snoozing.Yea! He likes the stroller for longer than 10 minutes now!

Now that I've gotten you caught up on Jonah, I'll catch you up on me. Yesterday after Jeremy met Jonah and I at the gym, he left earlier than us. When he got out to the parking lot he called me and asked me if I had my keys. I said that I did and he said, "well it doesn't do you that much good to lock your car and leave the back hatch open."
Yes I had gotten the jogging stroller out of the car and left the back hatch wide open. For over an hour. I guess I had other things on my mind. I am my mother's daughter (I only say that because not long ago, she left her car door wide open in a hotel parking lot and Jeremy just happened to walk by, see it, and close it for her.) Sorry to tell on you Mom.

Now that we've gotten Jonah sleeping in his own bed and in bed earlier, I've been able to do some sewing. I just finished some curtains for the living room and some bibs for Jonah.
I need some other ideas on craft projects for a boy. I've made bibs, burp cloths, peepee teepees and blankets. I can't paint or anything like that, so that's out of the picture. Anyone have any ideas? I'll be working on his Halloween costume soon!

On another note, Annual Girl's Weekend is coming up. This is the weekend when my two best friend's come up from Bryant to stay with me for a weekend. We spend all our time catching up, shopping, and eating. I CAN'T wait.

I hope you guys have had a great summer! I hope to catch up more often than this...I know I always say that, but I really mean it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A few photos and a link you should visit

We are trying baby food now! We started today tasting a few things. This is the face he gave me after his first bite of peas.

That is his opinion on pears! He seemed to like food! We'll see if we find anything he doesn't like. I think I might puree my own baby food when possible. Today I made him some sweet potatoes and froze it in small portions. Hopefully I can keep up with it.
This picture is a few weeks ago. Jonah had his first dip in Mimi and Grandpa's pool. He did really well. I was very surprised that he didn't even cry a little bit getting into the colder water. He would sit in his floaty thing and kick his feet and splash with his hands.
This is Jonah jumping in his jumperoo. I put him in the bathroom doorway while I get ready.
Here's me and Jonah. I took this picture, so it's not that great, but it's one of the few I have with me in it.

We have completed a week of teaching Jonah to sleep in his bed. He has done very well. He is still getting used to a schedule, but I think in another week or so he'll have it down. The only thing we struggle with is that he is still waking up every two to three hours. He goes back down pretty easily, but it's like his body is just used to waking up that often. He is in a habit of eating at night. A book I read suggests just slowly cutting short the nursing sessions by 2 minutes every night and I guess letting him cry for the rest of the times he wakes up. What would/did you do?I don't know if he will ever sleep through the night!

Please stop by my mother in law's blog. She is in Little Rock undergoing treatment at UAMS for Multiple Myeloma. She is going through some pretty intense therapy that includes chemo, stem cell growth shots, fluids ran through her kidneys daily through a port in her chest, and several other drug therapies that go along with it. Many days she is very tired and run down as they spend long hours at the hospital. UAMS is the premier location for treatment of Multiple Myeloma in the United States and maybe even the world. She is doing well, but I know this is taxing on her emotionally and physically. She is blogging about her journey. She will be in Little Rock for perhaps several months. So stop by her blog, say hi, and catch up on the details. The family has taken shifts to be with her there. Jeremy, Jonah, and I were able to go down over 4th of July. Jeremy is headed down tomorrow for a day or two until his dad can make it down for the end of the week/weekend. I know she misses Jonah, but right now, her immunity is down and she can't be around too many people, so we will wait until she can be around more people. I just wanted to address it because many of you know what she's going through, but may not have known she has a blog and you can follow her journey. She's a strong woman and she will come through this with God's help and unconditional love. We love her to pieces!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Catch Up

Yes I know I've been absent for awhile. I guess I just haven't been able to balance being a mom, working almost full-time, and blogging. I am getting better and better at it, and some days are easier than others, for sure. I actually can get some dinner cooked sometimes.

Jonah is almost 6 months old now. I cannot believe that it has gone by so fast. We will be starting baby food soon. Now we're just trying to perfect cereal!
This is how we look every night when we eat cereal. Needless to say Jonah gets a bath next.
Here Jonah is doing his most favorite pasttime. He loves his jumper. He smiles the whole time he's in it.
Ok, so maybe I'm partial, but he is the cutest, roly-polyest little thing. I love every inch of cellulite and fat rolls!
He's getting good at rolling over and trying to get mobile. He rotates on his belly. I have no idea how long it takes of rocking and trying to get his knees up under him until he can actually crawl, but he's trying!
When we first found out Jonah was a boy, we set out to buy him his first pair of Wranglers. He can finally wear them. I think they're so funny.
Here's my boy asleep in the morning in our bed. Yes he sleeps in our bed. That's how it has been since he was younger and would not sleep much at all. Well tonight we decided that the every 2 hr wakings and the 1 1/2 hrs of trying to get him to sleep in the first place are over. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be done with his sleep training. We are going by the The Sleepeasy Solution. It basically says we do a modified 'cry it out.' We let him cry while coming in at designated increments of time and reassuring him. The first time we put him down tonight it took him less that 30 minutes, then he woke up an hour later and cried for almost an hour. IT IS KILLING US. But we both know that what we were doing wasn't working, so we had to make a change. He's one of those kids who doesn't like to sleep and won't. You can barely get him to sleep while he's in your arms and forget trying to put him down. Ain't gonna happen. Anyway, I'm in for a night of this. Hopefully it gets better??? Has anyone out there had to do this? Heaven knows, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't feel like I HAD to.

I better run before he wakes up, since I'm supposed to wake him to feed him, instead of him waking up on his own and getting fed.

This post will catch me up on what's been going on. I will post (hopefully) soon to update you on our weekend and what else is going on in our world!