Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you had a great holiday yesterday! We had a good day ourselves. We woke up early to eat our cinnamon rolls and get ready to go over to J's parent's house. We didn't have a gift to open at home since we decided to buy our laptop as our Christmas gift to each other, so we headed on over to the the Woody's earlier. We both got some great gifts! I loooovvvee getting cooking stuff and I got just what I wanted. I got a cooking utensil holder, some Oneida serving pieces, a nice skillet, and a casserole dish and insulated holder. Jonah got some cute stuff too.

Jonah got some Johnny Poppers boots and I got a pair of running shoes. I was so excited to get both! I have really wanted those boots and Aunt Kara got 'em for him. I have been needing new running shoes FOREVER, but they can be soooo expensive and usually they're ugly because you get what feels good not what looks good, but this pair is super cute!

Jeremy's mom got his dad a Wii! They took no time hooking it up and playing. Here's a nice little video of Kara and Jeremy boxing each other. I am the one laughing in the background!

After the Wii fun, a trip to Grandma Jo's house, more Wii fun, we went to see Marley and Me. I have read the book. I know what happens. Why did I go? It was so good, but I cried like a baby. Twice. I was afraid I was gonna cry audibly in a packed theatre. The movie is PG and there was only one curse word in it. Kind of a nice change from the norm.

Here's some pics from Jonah's scrapbook. I received this scrapbook as a gift from Jeremy's Aunt Candes at the shower at her house on Thanksgiving. I LOVE it. There are many more pages she did for me. She must have known I wouldn't have the time with a new baby to do this myself! ;)

These are a few pics of Jonah's room getting more complete as every day passes.

Before Christmas update

I wrote this post a few days its a little outdated, but had some good info!

Hey everyone! We finally got our laptop! This has been a long time coming. I am definitely a picky shopper when it comes to large purchases. I get so nervous when I buy stuff! My heart was beating so fast when we were waiting in line to pay for it. Anyway, it’s done, and my blood pressure is slowly returning to normal.

It has been a true whirlwind the past few weeks. I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! We have taken our childbirth classes and I went to my breastfeeding class last week too. As a matter of fact, I ran into Kelly at that class. I saw her and thought that looks an awful lot like her, but I wasn’t sure. I think her hair was a little longer than in her pics on her blog! Ha. Anyway I was confirmed when I saw the sign in sheet and her name was there. So I said hi after class. How funny to run into people from the blogosphere! She was just as sweet in person as she is online!

I need to update you on my last shower! It was almost three weeks ago now. It was in Bryant--where I am originally from. It was at my aunt’s house and family and friends were invited. My best friends, Natalie and Kristen, threw the shower with my Aunt Nadine and her daughter-in-law, Courtney. I received some great gifts, had great food, and visited with relatives and friends for quite awhile. I received my highchair, swing, bumbo, boppy, some toys, diapers, wipes, lotion, some very cute outfits, and a very special quilt that Natalie’s mom, Judy, made for us. It is perfect for Jonah’s room and it has so much hand stitched detail. I would never have the patience or creativity to do that!

Last weekend was crazy! Friday evening I was frantically trying to clean my house. Saturday morning we had our last childbirth class. Then later that afternoon, my family came up to celebrate our Christmas on Saturday. My brother smoked a brisket that was so good. He made baked beans too. Then between my mom and I we had twice baked potatoes, corn, homemade rolls, salad, egg nog, pecan pie, chocolate cake, and banana pudding cheesecake. It was a very different Christmas meal, but we usually do something different. By Christmas we are tired of turkey and dressing, so we dream up something else to fix. Last year I think we had filet mignon and the one before we had prime rib.

I cannot believe that my pregnancy is coming to an end! I have no notions that I will go early. I really think I will be overdue. Just my feeling, I guess. I don’t particularly want to be induced, but if he’s not coming, I will do what I have to. I don’t have any real anxieties about it all…yet. I’m sure they will come, but for now it still seems so far away…but it’s so NOT far away! Can I say I can’t wait till this boy ‘drops’? I can’t breathe! Oh well, he’s worth it. I’ll take a few extra deep breaths every few hours to keep enough oxygen in my brain.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend

I had a weekend of baby showers! It was really nice! I ate great food and got great gifts for Jonah. Our Saturday shower was given by four of our friends, Jessica, Ashley, Mindy, and Krissi. It was held at Jessica's new house. It was decorated for Christmas and so pretty. Jessica always has candy sitting out in candy dishes for each holiday. This time she had the Christmas equivalent of those Mini Cadbury Eggs. Oh good for a preggie. Or really anyone. Just ask my husband, he usually gets rid of her candy for her.

Look at my cute cupcakes! They tasted just as good as they looked.
My diaper cake given to me by Jessica and Mindy.
This is the small wipe holder that goes in my diaper bag. So cute and in my colors too.
Isn't this the truth? The money funnels right through Mom and Dad and ends up with the kids in their piggy bank. It is already the way it's worked, but I wouldn't have it any other way! These are just a few pics of the many nice things we got at this shower. We received Jonah's exersaucer, highchair, mobile, a hand crocheted blanket and many other practical items we needed so bad.
That's Melissa, Jessica, Little Harbor, and Me (not looking too great).
These are my hostesses: Krissi, Me, Ashley, and Jessica. Mindy couldn't actually come because of a family illness.

There are sooo many other good pictures of this shower. Jessica's mom, Karen, took pictures for me and they turned out really well. Here's my next belly shot:
This is 33 weeks 3 days. Yowza!
This is me and the grandmas! The left is my MIL, Barbara and the right is my mom, Jeanette. Ain't they cute? They're about to be wrapped around a little boy's finger! Who am I kidding? I am too!
Next post I will show pics from my Sunday shower in Bryant. BUT those who took pics...please email them to me at: Somehow I didn't get any! Too busy eating, hanging out with family and friends I hadn't seen in forever, and opening some great gifts.

Thanks for all your comments on Jonah's room. We worked hard and the whole time I was so afraid it wasn't going to turn out like I had hoped. I love going in there and just sitting on the floor and imagining what it will be like when he's here! Here's some pics of the finished bedding actually on the bed. The red in the bedding doesn't photograph well I don't think. It is a much prettier red in person.

I haven't tied the denim ties yet, so they're just hanging there in these pictures.
Its all coming together. Now I am just working on organization. I'm not sure I will have that figured out until I actually have to use everything. I also noticed some contractions today...more like Braxton-Hicks and a few minutely uncomfortable ones while I was running/walking. I figured maybe I am walking this boy out. My first 'check' is a week from Monday...lets pray for at least 1 cm!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Finally I am feeling productive!

Sorry everyone! I have not been a good blogger lately. I swear soon, when I pick out my new laptop, I will be much better! It has been crazy busy lately. Work has been very busy, usually requiring late nights, so by the time I get home...I'm pooped.

We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I am so sad that it's over tomorrow. The first day back to work is always the hardest! We ate 4 Thanksgiving meals this week. That is way too much turkey for one person! Somehow I managed to make mashed potatoes for every meal...I did not really plan it that way, but I got very good at peeling and mashing! I think I've got it down to an art! J and I got our tree up last night, we got Jonah's room underway, and I got some sewing done! It was a very productive weekend.
Let me show you some pics!
This is Jonah's room with the paint done, the trim up, and the carpet laid! What a weight off our shoulders! The next thing we had to do was assemble the crib!
Jeremy's mom, dad, and brother Andrew came over to help us put Jonah's crib together. I feel like I've been waiting forever to get to this point! That bed being set up really seems to make it feel more real!
I picked out this crib and Jeremy's parents ordered it for us. I LOVE it. It is antique black and I really like the way it stands out against that red wall!
There's the finished product!
Look there's the dresser that my mom bought us. I love it too. It is also an antiqued black with a bit of reddish undertone. It is the piece that I picked out that was a TV cabinet, but I will use it as a dresser/changing table. For now I have folded up blankets and put them in that cubby on top that a DVD player would usually go into. I will probably buy baskets soon to slide in there, but the blankets look cute for now.

Each side of my husband's family had their own Thanksgiving meal and they also each had a little baby shower for me. It was great. I got my sling, monitors, shopping cart cover, lots of cute clothes, my jogging stroller, many blankets, lots of toys and books, my fitted sheets, thermometers. Catherine made me the cutest canvas.
She was so worried that I wouldn't like it, but what's there not to like! It is so cute and I cannot wait to hang it! Also Jeremy's Aunt Candes made me a scrapbook for Jonah's first year. It is so cute and well-done. I will take pictures of it for my next post. I have two showers this weekend and I am so excited. I love getting to see everyone and eat!!
As for Jonah's bedding, I have gotten more done! I spent several hours today at my mom's house sewing, but the bumper pad is done!
None of these pics really do it justice. That is one side done in the red with denim ties and piping. The other side is cow print.
I will take a pic of it on the crib. That way you can really get an idea of it all! Otherwise you will have to come to my house to really get the idea!
I better run! I am hoping to make it to the gym before it closes! I am going to the doc every two weeks now and do not want to tip the scales any more that I already have. (Last month was a nice weight gain). I am really looking forward to the drs visit after Christmas...ok just kidding, I am really not.
I hope you all had a great holiday and made it thru your Monday back at work!