Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Oh My! He finally made a decision! Nothing big, mind you, just where he'd like to eat for his birthday dinner. Friday night my husband and I went to...drumroll please....Catfish Hole for his birthday. Not exactly what I had in mind. I will tell you honestly that I do like catfish, I enjoy fried food, (well, fried anything acutally) and I was pretty excited to get into and out of a restaurant in less than an hour. I mean who has time to sit and linger? Not us! We can do that at home. I mean why else would we have said home? 'Sit and linger' is a perfect reason if you ask me! Lately its been sit and watch _______ on TV. Fill that blank with any sport-football, basketball, golf, football, and basketball. (None of the other sports are really in season to mention...I guess golf isn't either...but anyway). I don't know what I'm complaining about, at least my husband doesn't watch that hunting and fishing stuff. A friend of mine tells us stories of falling asleep to turkey calls. I would go INSANE!

I, of course, choose a much better genre of television. If it has anything to do with the Food Network, HGTV, E, Discovery or TLC, I'm there. Ohhhh Emeril Live or Rachel, no, no...Dr. 90210 and some oogey surgery or human gene anomalies. That gets me interested. I only partake of one network show regularly, Grey's Anatomy. Which was a rerun last night, grrrr... My sis in law has turned me onto America's Next Top Model, which may be dangerous. Jeremy may have to become a closet watcher of it just like he was of Laguna Beach or Real World. Anyway, I digress.

I guess my point is that I've become weirdly old...or something. I LIKE staying home. I set my schedule up around...gasp...TV. (Thank heavens for TiVo) I like quick, country-style restaurants (maybe I outghta put some quilts up on the wall for decoration...i gotta figure out how to quilt first). I like to go home on Friday nights. I'm becoming pickier about restaurants...what age does that happen? I really never cared before and lately I find myself saying things like, "if I am going to spend money on food I want it to taste great"...and "if I want a hamburger I would've stayed home and cooked one there." Which leads me to my next story.

For aforementioned husband's birthday, his family took all of us out to dinner at a lovely little chain barbecue restaurant, Smoky Bones. The two previous times my hubby and I had been there, we enjoyed it, but this time...not so much. Our waiter shall I put it...lacking in the brain cell department, at a loss for IQ points. He took about 10 minutes to write down our drink orders...and that was our first clue. Forever later we got our drinks and put in an order for an appetizer and placed our dinner order. Apparently they were out of several items on the menu. We had to ask for refills a few times and for our appetizer before we got them. Also, at one random point, the waiter asked us if we mentioned anything about onion rings. We all looked at each other and figured out no one had even mentioned onion rings (although we had mentioned something about a palm tree and my friend's boss stabbing her-totally untrue, mind you). So the waiter and the manager, or shall I call him his mob boss, (shirt unbuttoned too far, big gold chain) came over to clear up our order. We finally figured out that they didn't have some of the things that were part of our order and had to completely change two or three orders. I guess we were a little disgruntled because brain-lacking waiter continued to get a little hostile with us, at which time mob boss apologized. Brain-lacker subsequently delivered our appetizer with a holiday shove onto the table and a cheery "Merry Christmas." Mob Boss then approached the table and said he would "take care" of our bill. I didn't really know what that would mean coming from him, but apparently it means its on the house. For some reason they didn't offer us any dessert or a happy birthday song for my hubby. Go figure. Maybe it was the three cent tip we left, cuz as my father in law put it, "I didn't want him to think I forgot his tip."

Thursday, December 15, 2005


What's that, you say? You want to see more pictures of me? And my beautiful children?

Jeremy and Adrienne
As for that pic, well, Jeremy's 26 in human years, of course (189 in dog years-sheesh), due to be 27 tomorrow, Dec. 16. I am 25 and will be 26 in April. (mark your calendars) I will not be calculating my age in dog years, because, well, quite honestly, 26 feels old enough. I'm on the downhill slippery slope towards 30! I can't even say that out loud! We are going out to eat for J's birthday tomorrow night, if he can ever decide where we are going. I keep making suggestions and his answer keeps being, "maybe." Well, there's not much more time for maybes. I didn't get him anything for his birthday because a couple months ago we agreed that he would get some basketball shoes and that would be his birthday gift. I'm sure he has forgotten about that now, but you know he was the one born right before Christmas, not me...I timed it well being a spring baby. So it's not my fault! I was planning ahead even in the womb. Some people's kids.

Bosleigh is the beautiful black labrador. She's 3 in human years, and 21 in dog years. Riley is my chocolate lab mix. She's 1 in human years and 7 in dog years. They're beautiful, they stink, and I love them.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Here's a pic of the house. Exciting, I know. The grass is a lovely shade of dead, but at least the sky is blue. It was about 40 degrees this morning, which is warm for the weather we've been having. Especially after having run off the road Thursday from ice...that's a whole other story. The pic on the right is a view of my dining room. I didn't take any pics of my kitchen, because honestly, it was kinda messy. I will entertain you with one more pic of my house. A lovely picture of the living room.

Yes that's a dandy shade of 'school bus yellow' as my supportive husband puts it. And also that TV that is far too small for the built in entertainment center...I believe the words 'I can't even see it from the couch [on the left]' were uttered in my presence. Believe me, I have a cheap fix for that problem...don't sit on that couch. Voila!