Monday, October 27, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Puppy!

We are very sad today. My sweet dog, Riley, was hit by a car this weekend. She was staying at my mom's house (which she's done a million times) and dug out of her backyard. She's done that many times too, usually she runs around and then makes her way back to the front door. This time she wandered out to hwy 62, only made it a 100 yards or so and was struck. My mom called me as I was driving back into town from Little Rock to tell me that Riley had dug out and she had been gone an hour. I was not too worried because she is a free spirited dog and pretty smart. Mom said she'd call if she didn't come back soon or if she did show up. Jeremy and I were headed straight to his parent's house to have a birthday dinner for his dad, but we just thought maybe we'd just run by my mom's and locate Riley then go to his parent's. When we pulled up to the turn in to her neighborhood we saw her on the road just a little ways up. We pulled over and Jeremy went to check on her. She had passed away, but was not too beat didn't look like she suffered. He pulled her into the grass so he could come back later that night with a truck to get her and bury her. Jeremy and his dad returned later to pick her up and they burried her on his parent's land by their yellow lab that they lost a few years ago. Needless to say, we were very sad, many tears have been shed over this puppy. She was gentle and well-mannered for the most part and really was a good companion to both of us. She particularly liked Jeremy and I was so jealous! :) She will be sorely missed. I think we both felt like a special member of our family had died.
We love you and will miss you, Riley!

I will update you on my 10 year class reunion at a later date. I forgot to bring the camera cord to upload my pics. In other recent events, I went to the doctor today for my 28 week checkup and all is well, I'm measuring how I should and still feeling good. I did get a flu shot and it didn't hurt from the needle but later that soreness in my arm hurts! I went through all those shots and blood draws with no problems and a lowsy flu shot makes me feel like a pansy! Oh well, its worth it not to get the flu!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nursery work, baby stuff, and HELP!

Slowly but surely, Jeremy and I have been hacking away at the nursery. He has actually been working in it, I have been sewing for it. I've seen all you fellow blogger's pics of your nurseries and I cannot wait to get mine done. We kinda had a setback to start with. We had a spot on our roof that leaks when it rains hard. :( Of course it happens to be in the room we want to use as the nursery. Jeremy has attempted to find the leak several times and replace shingles and such to stop it, but to no avail. We had to call in a pro. So luckily last weekend he did fix it for us for a great price. Step one: DONE! Here's where we are now:We had to then tear out a bit of sheet rock to ensure that we got rid of any and all mold. We did. Now we will replace the insulation and have our pro come out and sheetrock and texture the wall. Jeremy will then enlist the help of a couple friends to replace the trim and the closet door facing. Then we will look into getting new carpet for this room. Yes its overwhelming, but it had to be done.

Next step is PAINT! From there it should be easy breezy. I feel so bad since I haven't really been able to help...I can't really climb up on the roof or be around fumes these days, but I can help with crib assembly and the fun stuff. In the meantime, I am working away, albeit slowly, at the bedding. My mom will be probably taking up the slack for me. I work late most nights, so it is difficult to head over to my mom's too many nights of the week to sew. I usually make it once or twice a week. (I go over there to sew because I need her help!! I can't always decipher those patterns.)

I wanted to show you guys a pic of a cute gift I received last week. It is from Jessica's mom! Jessica is a fellow blogger and I also know her in real life! She, her mom, and her aunt come into the salon to get their hair done by one of my co-workers, Lyndsey (she's in the shower pics on Jessica's page.) Jessica's mom has followed my blog and has left many sweet comments. Anyway she made Jonah a couple bibs, a burp cloth, and a cute pacy clip. Thanks so much! I loved my gift.
Our church does the Trunk Or Treat thing for Halloween. I will be there either handing out food or candy or singing a little with the band. Maybe all three, not sure. Anyway, I need a costume idea! I need an easy idea that is 1) church appropriate 2) cheap and 3) big enough to fit my belly into! Any ideas?? Help! What are you gonna be for Halloween?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

25 weeks

25 Weeks!
Oh Bessie! I feel like I'm growing EVERY day and I probably am. I've been super hungry lately...I think he's going through another growth spurt. Milk has been my main craving lately. I drink it with stuff, alone, in the morning, and at night. We've gone through a lot of gallons of milk lately. Sooo good.
I bought one more thing for this lil guy. I know and I have quit. I have cut myself off from buying more stuff for him. But here it is:
I found it at the Apple Festival in Lincoln last weekend. I like strolling through the booths and eating apples and caramel. I also had some apple cider. Yum. Anyway, I bought this from a booth where the lady who made the bags had her embroidery machine. Yea! I also got a burp cloth that matched.
Cute, huh? Also I've been working on some of the easier parts of Jonah's bedding. Here's the dust ruffle before the box pleats have been done.
I know you can't tell much from that pic, but use your imagination! I can't wait to get it done to see it all together. Jeremy and I were discussing the other night how we only have 15 weeks until Jonah is due...YIKES. Time has flown, but I have a feeling it will slow down once I get more uncomfortable. Oh well I am not complaining...or trying not to.
So my 10 year reunion is coming up. In two weeks I will be making the drive down to Bryant to see lots of people I haven't seen in forever. I think it will be fun. Trying to find something to wear has been a different story. Can't fake the thin look this year. It took long enough to get this round belly, so I'm gonna be proud of it.
I'm headed home to cook my Amish Friendship bread. It's gonna be chocolate chocolate chip bread...I hope it's good. I'll let ya know! I need something else to wash down my milk with!
PS Kristen and Natalie, be looking in your mail for another (small) cute item I picked up. I didn't make it, but you guys could at home sooooo easily. Anyway hope I got your curiosity up!