Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you had a great holiday yesterday! We had a good day ourselves. We woke up early to eat our cinnamon rolls and get ready to go over to J's parent's house. We didn't have a gift to open at home since we decided to buy our laptop as our Christmas gift to each other, so we headed on over to the the Woody's earlier. We both got some great gifts! I loooovvvee getting cooking stuff and I got just what I wanted. I got a cooking utensil holder, some Oneida serving pieces, a nice skillet, and a casserole dish and insulated holder. Jonah got some cute stuff too.

Jonah got some Johnny Poppers boots and I got a pair of running shoes. I was so excited to get both! I have really wanted those boots and Aunt Kara got 'em for him. I have been needing new running shoes FOREVER, but they can be soooo expensive and usually they're ugly because you get what feels good not what looks good, but this pair is super cute!

Jeremy's mom got his dad a Wii! They took no time hooking it up and playing. Here's a nice little video of Kara and Jeremy boxing each other. I am the one laughing in the background!

After the Wii fun, a trip to Grandma Jo's house, more Wii fun, we went to see Marley and Me. I have read the book. I know what happens. Why did I go? It was so good, but I cried like a baby. Twice. I was afraid I was gonna cry audibly in a packed theatre. The movie is PG and there was only one curse word in it. Kind of a nice change from the norm.

Here's some pics from Jonah's scrapbook. I received this scrapbook as a gift from Jeremy's Aunt Candes at the shower at her house on Thanksgiving. I LOVE it. There are many more pages she did for me. She must have known I wouldn't have the time with a new baby to do this myself! ;)

These are a few pics of Jonah's room getting more complete as every day passes.


The Cole's est 2002 said...

When I saw that preview I said to myself...Adrienne is NOT allowed to see this movie!

Karen Barnes said...

Everything looks great Adrienne, its not too far from now when we will get too see little Jonah's face. I know you can't hardly wait to hold him. The time is passing so fast. Glad you had a great Holiday with your loved ones. Best wishes, Karen

davidcatherinewilson said...

Looks like you all had a great holiday. Everything looks so good. I love the little boots-so precious. Maybe we'll see you this week:)

The Allens said...

Your Christmas sounds wonderful! It's awesome that you had someone do scrapbook pages for you, too! How are you feeling? Almost there!

Hoy and Ali said...

I just found this tonight by stumbling over some other blogs...YEAH!! I tried sending you a Christmas card, but it came back. Need your new address soon!

The Dorns said...

OMg......your nursery is abolutely adorable. I almost almost picked western for my sons room. You did a really great job. Wish I could send you a stuffed paint horse to sit next to the crib.

-Mariah Dorn