Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend

I had a weekend of baby showers! It was really nice! I ate great food and got great gifts for Jonah. Our Saturday shower was given by four of our friends, Jessica, Ashley, Mindy, and Krissi. It was held at Jessica's new house. It was decorated for Christmas and so pretty. Jessica always has candy sitting out in candy dishes for each holiday. This time she had the Christmas equivalent of those Mini Cadbury Eggs. Oh good for a preggie. Or really anyone. Just ask my husband, he usually gets rid of her candy for her.

Look at my cute cupcakes! They tasted just as good as they looked.
My diaper cake given to me by Jessica and Mindy.
This is the small wipe holder that goes in my diaper bag. So cute and in my colors too.
Isn't this the truth? The money funnels right through Mom and Dad and ends up with the kids in their piggy bank. It is already the way it's worked, but I wouldn't have it any other way! These are just a few pics of the many nice things we got at this shower. We received Jonah's exersaucer, highchair, mobile, a hand crocheted blanket and many other practical items we needed so bad.
That's Melissa, Jessica, Little Harbor, and Me (not looking too great).
These are my hostesses: Krissi, Me, Ashley, and Jessica. Mindy couldn't actually come because of a family illness.

There are sooo many other good pictures of this shower. Jessica's mom, Karen, took pictures for me and they turned out really well. Here's my next belly shot:
This is 33 weeks 3 days. Yowza!
This is me and the grandmas! The left is my MIL, Barbara and the right is my mom, Jeanette. Ain't they cute? They're about to be wrapped around a little boy's finger! Who am I kidding? I am too!
Next post I will show pics from my Sunday shower in Bryant. BUT those who took pics...please email them to me at: Somehow I didn't get any! Too busy eating, hanging out with family and friends I hadn't seen in forever, and opening some great gifts.

Thanks for all your comments on Jonah's room. We worked hard and the whole time I was so afraid it wasn't going to turn out like I had hoped. I love going in there and just sitting on the floor and imagining what it will be like when he's here! Here's some pics of the finished bedding actually on the bed. The red in the bedding doesn't photograph well I don't think. It is a much prettier red in person.

I haven't tied the denim ties yet, so they're just hanging there in these pictures.
Its all coming together. Now I am just working on organization. I'm not sure I will have that figured out until I actually have to use everything. I also noticed some contractions today...more like Braxton-Hicks and a few minutely uncomfortable ones while I was running/walking. I figured maybe I am walking this boy out. My first 'check' is a week from Monday...lets pray for at least 1 cm!


Jen said...

Did you sew all of Jonah's bedding? I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas, but I have NO idea how to use it! I'll have to take lessons first...just another thing to try my hand at!

I'm planning to get in soon for a trim before you're gone for a while...good thing I'm trying to let my hair grow out!

The Allens said...

The room looks SO wonderful!

Nicole M Wood said...

His room looks wonderful!

Karen Barnes said...

Jonah's room looks great. And yes, after he arrives you will know better where to put things in his room. It was so good to get to see you at one of your showers you look wonderful & got so many usefull things. Love all the pictures. Let me know if I can help you with anything at all. Best wishes, Karen Barnes

davidcatherinewilson said...

I'm so sad I missed teh shower. It looks like it was a really nice one. I still have your presents in my car. I'll drop it by the salon soon. I am lovin' his room. It looks great.

Jessica said...

Girl, you look awesome!! His bedding is to die for! : )

Newlywed Next Door said...

Just found your blog! So cute! Love the room decor and that piggy bank cracked me up! So true. Congrats on your little one coming soon!