Monday, October 20, 2008

Nursery work, baby stuff, and HELP!

Slowly but surely, Jeremy and I have been hacking away at the nursery. He has actually been working in it, I have been sewing for it. I've seen all you fellow blogger's pics of your nurseries and I cannot wait to get mine done. We kinda had a setback to start with. We had a spot on our roof that leaks when it rains hard. :( Of course it happens to be in the room we want to use as the nursery. Jeremy has attempted to find the leak several times and replace shingles and such to stop it, but to no avail. We had to call in a pro. So luckily last weekend he did fix it for us for a great price. Step one: DONE! Here's where we are now:We had to then tear out a bit of sheet rock to ensure that we got rid of any and all mold. We did. Now we will replace the insulation and have our pro come out and sheetrock and texture the wall. Jeremy will then enlist the help of a couple friends to replace the trim and the closet door facing. Then we will look into getting new carpet for this room. Yes its overwhelming, but it had to be done.

Next step is PAINT! From there it should be easy breezy. I feel so bad since I haven't really been able to help...I can't really climb up on the roof or be around fumes these days, but I can help with crib assembly and the fun stuff. In the meantime, I am working away, albeit slowly, at the bedding. My mom will be probably taking up the slack for me. I work late most nights, so it is difficult to head over to my mom's too many nights of the week to sew. I usually make it once or twice a week. (I go over there to sew because I need her help!! I can't always decipher those patterns.)

I wanted to show you guys a pic of a cute gift I received last week. It is from Jessica's mom! Jessica is a fellow blogger and I also know her in real life! She, her mom, and her aunt come into the salon to get their hair done by one of my co-workers, Lyndsey (she's in the shower pics on Jessica's page.) Jessica's mom has followed my blog and has left many sweet comments. Anyway she made Jonah a couple bibs, a burp cloth, and a cute pacy clip. Thanks so much! I loved my gift.
Our church does the Trunk Or Treat thing for Halloween. I will be there either handing out food or candy or singing a little with the band. Maybe all three, not sure. Anyway, I need a costume idea! I need an easy idea that is 1) church appropriate 2) cheap and 3) big enough to fit my belly into! Any ideas?? Help! What are you gonna be for Halloween?


Karen= Jessica's Mom said...

Hey there Andrienne, So glad you liked the gifts I made you, I really do wish you, Jermey & baby Jonah the very best as you enter this new phase of your life. So sorry to hear about your home projects, thats not fun at all to have to spend money on fix-ups. But glad you got it figured out. I remember seeing a Halloween outfit once that was large black trash bag over your body with your head open at the top & it goes right at your rear level & cover yourself with pupple ballons, And it looked like a cluster of grapes. I thought it looked cute & didn't take allot to make it. If you can find a large black trash bag, & some pupple balloons. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for making it too Jessica's shower, it meant allot to her. See you at the salon again sometime soon, Best wishes, Karen Barnes

Jenna said...

Those bibs are SO CUTE! I am with you on the whole nursery setback - we actually weren't doing one because we thought our new house would be ready by now...but its not even started! Yikes!

The Allens said...

I think that it is AWESOME that you are sewing your baby's bedding!

Miriam said...

I love your blog! good luck with the nursery!
i saw it somewhere where a pregnant girl dressed up somewhat homecoming/prom-ish and had a sash made that said "Miss Conception"
If you have a nice party dress; your only investment would be a sash and possibly a crown. it would be cute to walk around with a bouquet of flowers too... although with being at church, i'm not sure if you would want to explain your costume to the kiddies!
anyway i am being little red riding hood. the only thing i am investing is a red cape (making it)
i am wearing a black dress, white stockings and mary janes... that would be simple enough for you too!
my husband doesn't like to dress up and he has a gruffy beard so i am just making him a shirt that says "Big Bad Wolf"

Anonymous said...

Hey Adri,
I love all the baby stuff you've posted on here. So cute! I asked Marc for a sewing machine so I can make some bedding for our room. You've inspired me! I haven't sewn since about 9th grade, but I'm sure it will work! Say hi to Jeremy from Marc & me.
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

you and jer should be britney and kfed.....hahaa...i would love that. what is jeremy wearing to the night thing of the reunion?? jeans or pants?

Delilah H. said...

Those bibs are adorable! Good luck with the nursery. I am tackling mine too but I have waaay less work to do. Looks like you have a big job ob your hands.

Jessica said...

Can't wait to see the nursery pics!! : )

Nicole M Wood said...

Karen did a great job!!!! Good luck getting the nursery together.

davidcatherinewilson said...

Cute gifts, that was really sweet. You could go as the virgin Mary or you could be the whale and have Jonah be in your belly-get it? haha Not that you look like a whale or anything, you look very cute, just trying to tie in churchy theme and Jonah. Anyhow, i'll see you guys soon!