Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who does he favor? Part I

What do you think? I think Jonah favors his daddy a lot. Then sometimes when I see pictures of my brother as a baby I think he favors him. I guess it is possible that he looks like both.
Here's Darren and I. I am not sure how old we are...Darren is probably 5 or 6 and me somewhere around 1 or 2. I think Jonah favors me in this picture! Of course I look like a little boy, so that could be why!
Darren again around 1 or so. I wasn't even a glimmer in my mama's eye yet, and Jonah certainly wasn't a glimmer in anyone's eye yet! I still see some similarities.

Here's Darren at Easter. I'm guessing around age 2 or 3. So cute and so Jonah-like!

I just included this shot of Darren because he was walking at 9 1/2 months old. I also like the pic of my dad in the background. Mom said I walked at 11 months and I am just fine if Jonah waits a little longer. Of course I want him to be in the normal range, as early or late as that may be, but mama needs some time to get used to "crawling Jonah" before he becomes "walking Jonah."
I will have to scan in some pictures of Jeremy soon and you will see the resemblance to him too. I really don't care who he looks like, it's just fun to see these old pictures!


Brittney said...

Cute idea! He definitely looks like that picture of you!

Laura Chandler said...

When I saw the picture of Darren and Daddy I burst out into tears!! Funny how time doesn't always help so much! And just for the record.....I taught Darren to walk early. I just wouldn't give up and I think Mom still resents me to this day for getting him up and around destroying things a little on the early side:)

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