Monday, June 23, 2008

My belated birthday dinner

Last weekend my sis and her two girls came up from Bryant for about a day or so. We were gonna have a big birthday dinner for me. The original plan was to do it around my birthday back in April but it was too busy for all of us and Jeremy and I were back and forth to LR so much, so it didn't really happen then. So we planned it for last Friday night. My bro and his g/f Kelly, Laura and Katy and Keely, me and J, and mom had a big dinner complete with one of my favorties: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, green beans, brown beans, cornbread, and rolls. Then for dessert Darren made a New York style Cheesecake and mom made her famous ice cream cake. (Jeremy said the funniest thing about the ice cream cake. He asked me how my mom baked the cake without the ice cream melting. I looked at him funny and said, "Really?" As in- are you really seriously asking me that? His knee jerk reaction was, "No" even though he still didn't know quite how it worked.)

This is a pic of my sis, Laura and me before dinner. Yes I'm taller than her. She hates it. :)

The next day I had a wedding to do hair for. It was for a relative of a friend. We were also invited to the wedding. It was so beautiful. The bride was absolutely beautiful and they had Marketplace cater the wedding. Yum! The wedding cake was so pretty and actually tasted really great. You know how pretty cakes usually don't taste that good? Well this one did.

Sunday morning Jeremy and I had cinnamon rolls in bed. (A huge treat for both of us, because usually I will NOT buy such unhealthy things.) It was Father's Day so, peanut and I gave J a card. We went to church and grabbed some lunch with our friends, Matt and Mindy and their two boys. They suggested Ruby Tuesday because it was close and we'd get the food started fast with their salad bar. They were saying how cranky the boys can get when they are hungry and I was thinking how cranky I can get lately about the same thing. I had a avocado and cheese quesadilla. It was simple but really good. J and I then went home to recover from a super busy week. We held the couch down for a couple hours. So nice after a hectic week!


davidcatherinewilson said...

Cute picture of you and Laura-did you make your dress? It is really cute. Glad you all had a good father's day. You'll have to start posting belly shots on here in not too long. Yea!

The Cole's said...

I miss your moms cooking. On our girls weekend maybe we could pay her to cook instead of going out. I love her chicken fried steak...ooohh and her garlic bread.mmm

Jenna said...

Hi Adrienne, I found your blog through Kelly. I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. You and I are due within two days of each other!

Mary Kate said...

Hi Adrienne...I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I too just did IVF & am expecting twins in Jan! I just wanted to say congratulations & best wishes for a happy & healthy 9 months!!!

Jen said...

Hey Adrienne! This is too weird that I found your blog on here! I have a friend here in FS (an IVF buddy who is having twins), who has a link to "Kelly's Korner" on her page, who has you listed on her "due date buddies"!! What a small world!! Anyway, hope you don't mind me looking in on your blog...please feel free to peek at mine! I'm just SOOO happy for you and the babe on the way!!! I guess the momma thing is just contagious! :-)