Monday, June 16, 2008

8 week checkup

I went in June 10th for our 8 week appt. I just spoke to them about our finances and insurance coverage and saw the nurse. She asked me the customary 1 million questions, then sent me downstairs to the lab. I have gotten to know that place quite well. Anyway, they took tons of blood. I didn't think they were gonna leave me any.

It turns out that since the baby is due January 20, 2009...guess what? We get to pay another deductible! Our deductible is quite high because we pay for private insurance. So luckily God has blessed us with paying off my car this month and that will allow us to apply that money to pay for this baby! My car is not fancy or anything exciting but it is safe and plenty roomy for a carseat. So I am praying that it will last another 2 years.

For me, everything is going well as far as I can tell. I have gained 3 lbs. I have been eating well! I am not sick unless I forget to eat. Sometimes I get worried that something could be wrong and I don't even know it. Then I remember how tired I am and how I am STARVING every 2 hours. Those symptoms do reassure me some.

The starving thing is so strange. I'm sure that other women can attest to this, but you just don't know what starving is until you've got a little peanut in your belly demanding to eat. I'm convinced that it is God's way of getting me used to how often I'm gonna have to feed this baby and how desperate he/she will feel when hunger strikes. Usually I can eat something small for breakfast, then have a Lean Cuisine for lunch then maybe a snack around 4, then dinner at whatever time we get around to it. Not anymore! Breakfast must happen right when I get up, then a snack around 9 or 10. Then lunch at 11:30 or 12. Then some fruit or something at 2, then again at 4, then dinner no later than 6. For some reason I don't really get hungry again after dinner. Boy and some foods disgust me. Meat, chicken in particular...ew. For a couple days when my husband even mentioned cheetos to me I wanted to hurl. I had an early early preggy craving for cheetos and ranch dressing and now the the thought of them both makes my stomach churn.

So the next stop is 11 weeks. I have an appointment July 1st. We will hopefully hear the heartbeat. I am anxious to hear that little fast beating heart. For the first trimester, because of my trouble conceiving, I am not to exercise much. I can walk. So I have been doing that, but maybe when I hit the 2nd tri then maybe I can step it up a little or do something different. We'll see. For now, I'm just trying to squeeze into my clothes. No fun, but part of the game.


Nicole M Wood said...

I am so excited to hear this great news. I have been checking your blog EVERYDAY!!! I can't wait to see belly pics and to hear all about the room.

davidcatherinewilson said...

I love reading about baby Woody. Glad to hear all the juicy details:) See you soon!

Angie said...

Oh man, I HATED chicken when I was preggers. The texture made me wanna barf.

I'm so happy for you Adri. Being pregnant is such a joy and a blessing. Enjoy it, because it's over before you know it, then you'll have a new set of adventures w/your beautiful baby! They grow so stinkin' fast!! Love you!!

That Nat said...

Are you photo-ing your baby bump? I came across the pink boots and put them aside for you.

Kelly said...

Adrienne - I'm so behind - I'm just now finding out you are pregnant!!! YEAY!!! IVF worked! Oh thank goodness - I'm thrilled for you! We are 8 days apart!!!!!
(and yes - I've already been thinking about that stupid TWO deduction things. The only bad thing about Jan babies!)