Monday, July 07, 2008

Belly Shots!

I had the big heartbeat appointment July 1. I was so scared and ready to hear that fast little heartbeat. Jeremy went with me. I had been warned by so many people that there's a chance they won't be able to hear it because I was only 10w6d. Well when she put that doppler up to my belly, bam! It was right there. Beating away. About 150 bpm the doc said. I was SO relieved. So excited and in so much disbelief! There is a living being inside me. How weird, strange, and very cool is that?
I have been taking belly shots as time goes by. By no means have I been that organized to do it every week on the same day like I wanted to. But here they are. Yes, you are looking at my bare belly, sorry for the oogy skin pics. Yes I am showing...if you know me, I am. I can hide it at work because I wear an apron all day, but at church...not so much. No denying. I feel like maybe its too early to show this much? I don't know I've never been pregnant before. What can you do? Suck it in? No, that doesn't work. So here are the shots!

4 weeks 2 days. I felt so puffy and bloated at the time. What I would give to still be able to stuff myself into those pants now.

7 weeks 4 days. I forgot which way I faced for the previous picture. oops!
9 weeks 5 days. Yes I had been working out. That's a rough picture!
10 weeks 6 days. Late picture taken after a busy night working Vacation Bible School. I think I'm bigger now that I'm almost 12 weeks. Were you girls this big this early with your babies?


davidcatherinewilson said...

Look how cute you are! I don't think you look big at all but it always feels that way when the pants start getting tight. It'll be fun to see some more shots this next tri-mester when you'll really start popping out.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute, & dark. Are you laying out? Hope you are feeling good & enjoying all that goes with being P.G. Thanks for sharing the belly shots, you look great. Being P.G is such a miracle in its self, I'm so happy for you & Jeremy. Do you hope for a boy or girl or does it even matter either way? Was just wondering. Best wishes. K.Barnes= J.McCash's Mom

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness - we you are SO skinny to start with with great abs - no wonder you are showing a little. And I don't think you are big at all - I WISH I was that thin. I'm showing and nothing fits. UGH! But I'm still so happy to be pg that it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I told you skinny girls show earlier. You could have been like me and gained before and during. You are the cutest prego EVER!!!


Mary Kate said...

OMG, you look great!! I know I have two in there, but I am HUGE compared to you!! You skinny thing!
I plan on having some belly pics up this week sometime! You will feel so good about youself when you see me!!! LOL

Jen said...

Hey Adrienne! I don't know if you saw my comment on your last post...if not, I left it sometime last week. But anyway, you look great! Make sure to keep up with belly'll enjoy looking back later!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I see your belly! SO cute!!!!
Love you, and see you in 1 month and 1 day!!!