Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back at Work

It has been quite awhile since I've posted. It's not just because I'm busy, it's because I don't have much new to report! It is busy around our house. I am often impressed with other moms who figure out how to sew, paint, scrapbook, etc. and take care of a baby! I haven't gotten that figured out yet!

Jonah is a little over 9 weeks. At his 8 week checkup he was 12 lbs 10 oz and 23 inches long! I think he is even heavier this week! He is a bona fide chubby baby! I love it. I definitely don't see the newborn baby in him anymore! He seems sooo much older than that! ha!
Remember how I said I was going to get more pictures of me and Jonah? Well, here's one. The only one we've managed to take! You think I could manage any more of a fake smile?

Last Wednesday was my first day back at work. I was a little nervous about that transition, but honestly, was so busy I didn't have much time to dwell on it! My mom and Jeremy's mom are watching Jonah for us. Saturdays are daddy days. I did not cry at all leaving him...I was a little worried I might! I was confident in who I was leaving him with and knew he would have a good time. I was a bit concerned because he hasn't mastered eating from a bottle. He prefers me. :) We started to give him a bottle once in a while when he was 3 weeks, like they recommend. He took it ok then, but since then, it has been hit and miss. One Saturday at home with Jeremy he took it like a champ, then the next one, not so much. Well last week was about the same way. The first day he really didn't take one until later in the day and then only ate a few ounces. Of course he marathon nurses when I get home. The second day he ate much better. The third day was a change of scenery with his other grandma and he didn't take much that day either. I read up on it and most places say not to worry too much, that some babies will reverse cycle. They will not eat much during the day and then make up for it at night when mom is available. Anyone have any ideas on how to get a baby to take a bottle better? I have tried 3 different bottles, maybe I should try more?

Anyhow, my week back at work was great otherwise. I dropped a day from my schedule so I am at home 3 days with Jonah and work 4. I enjoyed seeing my customers that I haven't seen in awhile. I love being busy, it makes the day fly by. I am also loving this spring weather. I'm slowly getting my running routine together. I can't wait to take Jonah with me some.
Look at that cutie! He is so smiley lately. I love it. Our little hog fan all dressed up for Will and Krissi's little girl's birthday party! Shout out to Aunt Kara for buying Jonah his longsleeved baseball onesie! I love little man clothes!
Here's Jonah's favorite time of the day. He is all smiles and laughs in the bath. He likes to sit caddywampus like this in his bathtub. He will appreciate this picture when I show it to his girlfriend when he's 16.

Prayer Requests:
My friend and co-worker just had her baby Friday. He had a slight raise in his white count levels and was put on an antibiotic to fight infection. I believe they have discovered a hole in his heart and are considering transferring him to Arkansas Childrens Hospital. I haven't gotten an update from them yet, but I read up on that condition and it sounds like it can be repaired and full recovery expected. I know this is a stressful time for them and I pray for a quick diagnosis and treatment and a peace that passes all understanding for them.

And also pray for MckMama and her baby boy, Stellan.


B said...

Is it Melissa?!

Natalie said...

He is so adorable and I am not just saying that cause he is yours! He really is a beautiful baby. Parker was actually chunky till he was about 6 months then he just got taller. Enjoy those rolls! I miss you guys...and my sonic care toothbrush : )

Jessica said...

Lyndsey called me.. praying for Melissa! I hope the flight to Children's went well.

I love the word "caddywampus"! You are a hoot! Ha!

Jonah is a DOLL FACE! What a sweet baby boy! : )

Bethany said...

Jonah is precious.

I will be praying for Melissa...so sorry to hear that.

The Allens said...

Those pictures are adorable! And I don't know how moms do anything but care for the baby, either. I can barely do that! No one tells you that you have to do EVERYTHING one-handed. I am glad going back to work went well. You are so blessed to have grandmas watching your boy!

D's Kelly said...

The bathtub pic is too much cute for me to handle.

Karen Barnes said...

Oh little Jonah is such a cutie. Girl, if I were around you guys more I could take all kinds of pictures of you & Jonah together,ha!!! But try to fit the in photo's they are all you have to help you remember how small your beautiful baby was when his 16yrs old someday. Remember his girl friend will want too see the photo's,ha!!!Glad going back to work went good. And its so wonderful that you have such good family members to help you look after Jonah. Jessica called me as soon as she got off the phone with Lyndsey to help pray for Melissa & the baby, its so scary. Take care, Karen

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Amber L said...

He is just so stinkin yummy!!! I want to squeeze his precious lil belly:) I can't believe how big he has gotten so fast!!