Monday, April 13, 2009

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades

What do you think of Jonah's sunglasses? We can't wait until we can go swimming this summer! Can we get rid of this dreary weather already?

Jonah's great aunt Hanne and great uncle Don sent him this hand crocheted outfit and blanket. I put it on him the other day and had a little photo shoot. (I am an awful photographer, but my subject matter is worth the attempt.)
Love that tongue sticking out!
Love that dimple! He got that from me and I believe I got it from my dad.

Here's our Easter picture at church. Jonah had a cute little sweater vest and he wore the shoes that have his name and birthdate embossed on the bottom. His great grandma Walker got him those. Jonah also turned 12 weeks on Easter Sunday. He has just about grown out of his 0-3 month clothes, but his feet aren't even close to outgrowing a size 1 shoe. Go figure.
Yes Laura, this is your dress. :) I bought an Easter dress from Target, but last minute that morning I thought it didn't fit right. I needed navy blue to match the rest of the fam, so I pulled this one out of the closet. It worked well. Hey at least the cardigan is new.

My birthday was earlier this month and Jeremy and I went here:
We both had one of these:And this:
Mmmmm...the memories of that meal still linger. That steak was melt-in-your-mouth good. And the creme brulee? Slap-your-grandma good. (Sorry grandma.) I would love to be able to make it at home, but me, with a blow torch? Even the kitchen variety...I would burn down my house...(for those who know that I kinda already have done that...HUSH!)

I had a great birthday. I still have a little bit to spend on a Gap giftcard and I am looking forward to it. My sis-in-law got me a ticket to see Legally Blonde at the Walton Arts Center. I am sooo looking forward to that.

I must run, Jonah is ready for bed! Good Night. I will be back sooner this time, I promise!


Bethany said...

He is too darn cute!! And getting sooo big.

I'll see before too's about that time. :)

The Allens said...

You've kind of burnt down a house?

Jessica said...

You guys are just adorable!!!

Natalie said...

What are you feeding that baby? Soon he will be ready for one of those steaks. He looks so much like your baby pics! I just see you in every picture of him. Miss you!

Laura Chandler said...

OMG A!!! I'm am unbelievably proud that you had a chance to wear any of my clothes and took a picture with my beautiful nephew (and yes, boys can be called beautiful prior to their two year mark and it not be bad)! I love you guys so much and have never felt so bad that you live so far away! I SOOOOOOOO want to be an everday part of Jonah's life. Love ya'll sis!

Grace said...

How cute!! You have found wonderful dress from Target!! Love those nice pictures!!

Angela said...

He looks more like his mommy everyday! Such a cutie!

Kelli said...

happy mother's day adrienne! we need new pics of Jonah and an update, it's been a month!! -Kelli