Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Diggin a ditch, some visitors and Idol

It doesn't seem like much has been going on lately, but the week has flown by, so I guess its been pretty busy.

Since the sell of some of our land, we have to move our water line. We require about 1300 feet of water line to get to our house from the road. So Jeremy spent Saturday and Sunday digging the ditch. What a great couple days to choose! It was freezing and snowing all day Saturday and pretty cold Sunday, but the majority of the digging is done! Poor guy, the weather is supposed to be great this weekend, but I have to work Saturday, so he has daddy duty. (I hate when people call it babysitting, it's his child, and I don't pay him!:))
I headed to Sam's on Saturday to get some stuff for the salon. I bundled Jonah up and set out. Ok maybe he didn't love the hat when I first put it on.

And then he fell asleep. I love dressing this kid up. He did so well at Sam's. I put him in the snugli and he slept the whole time. I wrapped a blanket around him and put the cutest mittens on him.
Monday my bff, Natalie came up with her two kids, Parker and Maggie, from Bryant to see us. They got here around 3:30 on Monday afternoon and we set out to Mad Pizza for dinner. I had baked potato pizza. It was interesting. It was fun for me to get out of the house some and hang out with my friend. If I hang around the house for too many days in a row...I get blah. I don't even know sneaks up on me.Anyway, they all spent the night with us. There's a pic of the kids in their pajamas. We woke up Tuesday morning, got ready, and headed to the mall. No, we did not make it into many stores. Did we care? No. Didn't have much money for clothes anyway and I'm hoping to lose a few lbs more. We hit the candy store and the play area and it was fun. I am so ready for spring. It makes me feel better to see spring clothes out in all the stores. I get excited when I think of taking Jonah swimming at Mimi's pool. I hope he likes the water. He loves the bath, but that water is warm!

Here's Natalie and I after a long day and a nap.I almost look as tall as she is! woohoo. My hair does look like I've got it styled in a butt-cut though. I don't. The gray roots are kickin though. I am gonna color it myself tonight, hopefully I'll feel like myself again after that. Maybe.

Did yall watch American Idol last night? Who do you think is going thru? I like Lil Rounds of course. How could you not? The Puerto Rican guy (cannot remember his name??) was great and it was so sweet when he said he was so emotional he couldn't think in English. I also liked the girl that they kicked off and called back. She hit a few bum notes, but overall did well, and has an interesting voice. I am ready to see who they will wildcard back into the competition. I hope they bring Anoop back. And maybe the tatooed girl who did the funny twisty dance constantly. Do yall know who I'm talking about? Who are your picks for this week and wildcard?


Bethany said...

Jonah looks too cute in that hat!!!

I am watching AI, too. I like the long blonde haired, tattooed girl who did the twisty dane also. I don't know who will go through from last night. I liked several. We'll see! :)

Natalie said...

Wow, I look rough! Next time I get preapproval on posted pics! Just kidding. Thanks for having us and for the great dinner. I loved getting to see you and Jonah. You are a great mom and Jonah is such a good baby!

Jen said...

I always catch myself saying that Darren is "babysitting" when he watches Caroline by himself. Why do we do that??? :)

The Allens said...

Hi! We are glad to be home - and I am finally joining the land of the living. The delivery went well, just not like I'd planned! Should have known better. I'm glad all is well with you. Need to see more pictures of your precious boy!

Tara said...

This is Tara (Shofner) Hudson. Glad to see you all are doing well. Jonah is adorable! It's fun to follow your blog since Hayden and Jonah are the same age.

Bethany said...

You're cutting my hair on Thursday and I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!