Thursday, September 04, 2008

How Crazy Am I?

Ok I was tagged like 3 weeks ago by Jenna- a preggy buddy and have been meaning to answer it. Since my computer is dead :( I have been having to go to my mom's to use hers. My Iphone lets me read everyone else's blogs, comment on them sometimes, but I cannot post any. :( So I am sooooo slow to updating lately. I am gonna start saving for a new computer yesterday!

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1.) I have to kiss my dog on the nose every day before I leave for work. I also ALWAYS tell her to be a good girl and that I love her. Strange? yes, but I feel as though if I don't, something bad will happen to her and she wouldn't know I loved her!
2.) Many people have said this, but I am not a phone talker. I can carry on a long conversation with my best friend, Natalie, but I've known her for how many years? A bazillion. I am just uncomfortable on the phone! I feel like I am bothering people and what if I don't have much to say? Nat, remember when you used to call businesses to sell ads for yearbook for me?
3.) I find myself talking customers out of sales at work all the time. I can admit this, because I own the business. I just can't stand the thought of someone buying a product I've recommended and they end up hating it.
4.) I have a lot of anxiety talking to people I don't know, but guess what? I decided to be a hairstylist! I deal with people everyday and its good for me. I think I'm pretty good at hiding my anxiety.
5.) I don't really care for chocolate. I like it in something, but if the dessert is just thanks...ok maybe if I have a big glass of milk.
6.) I am obsessive about one thing. The sheets on my bed. Ask my bffs or my hubby. I've been this way since middle school. I have to have my sheets tightly tucked in at the bottom and no slack in them. They must be pulled tight over my feet at all times. I make my bed before I get in it.

I just made myself sound like a total NUT! Oh well, hopefully you love me anyway!

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The Cole's est 2002 said...

The sheets made me laugh! For anyone who hasn't slept with Adri (okay that sounds bad) neourotic is a better word. They must be tight at the bottom so your feet do ballet first postion and they must be folded over about 8-12 inches at the top...right under the armpit. Im just glad you don't have satin anymore.ugh. We have spent many many many hours on the phone until....prego Adri. I have given enough grief about this so I will do my best to let it go. You just better be calling me with a million questions/comments when he gets here or I will totally question your loyalty!!!! I still love you just the way you are. Who else would put up with me?!

Anonymous said...

done.....i just dont know how to tag people.....and im not sure i have 6 people to tag! ha.

Jen said...

The sheets crack me up too! Hubby frustrates me b/c he can't figure out how to put sheets on the bed. I always end up having to do it! And I remember having to sell yearbook ads in HS too...we actually left school and went to each business. I wasn't very good at it, and we usually just ended up at KFC eating mashed potatoes! :-) Good way to get out of school, though!

Have a great time registering! It's fun to pick out all the cute little stuff!