Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heelllooo Belly! (Goodbye feet)

21 weeks 1 day
HELLO Belly! Have I grown or what? I feel huge. Yes I do know it will get much bigger. I do not know how I will find room for the next 19 weeks. I'll manage somehow! I am definitely getting the double take at work now. For the longest time I was able to hide behind my apron and not say anything about it if I didn't feel like it. Now people are noticing something is different. I had a customer tell me that she could tell I was pregnant the last time she came in (I was maybe 9-10 weeks along at the time) because of my walk. Then I had another customer say I had the "pregnant butt." Here comes the onslaught of unwarranted comments, huh?
This is my most recent conglomeration of fabrics I think I want to use for Jonah's bedding. We are sticking with the cowboy theme as you can see from the cow print and the stamped leather material. The other stuff I just liked. So we'll see if this all makes it into the final product.
This is my find from the Clothesline Fair in Prairie Grove. They always have this booth that stamps names on the western leather belts. Now don't think I will be dressing my son in hickwear often, but I think the belt will be cute worn now and then or on display in his room.
Look how tiny the smallest belt is! I figured I can get one for him every year or as he needs a bigger size. I think that would be a cute keepsake for me. He's a boy, he won't care, but someday maybe his wife would think its cute to see them.
Old Navy is having a baby sale! 40% off! Woohoo! I found a few cute items. I never know if I should focus on the baby size for the season or the next year. I know people like to buy little stuff for the baby shower, so maybe I should focus on bigger baby clothes. But heaven knows I will be shopping for the boy after he's born too. I mean I won't do it all now and quit! Please!

I loaded this pic the right way, but for some reason it wanted to be sideways. Oops! I thought the monkey was super cute and the onesie in the middle is a tiny monkey print. Cute! I think it will be cozy for a winter baby. I wonder about shoes too...I mean do infants wear shoes often? I mean a lot of their cuddly stuff has feet in it. I guess I can get a pair or two. Its not like they're extremely expensive!

Jonah has been a bucking bronco in there. I definitely can tell that he moves more after I eat and especially when I've eaten something with some sugar in it. Jeremy has felt him a couple times now and he's as amazed as I am. Honestly I know there's a baby in there, but I cannot comprehend it. A complete human! Praise God that we get to experience this. I mean He could have just as easily had us hatch our babies like birds. Weird thought, huh?

My family members with needs for prayer of healing are getting better, but please continue to mention them in your prayers. Also a customer of mine, who has the neatest family of 9 biological and adopted children, has taken their youngest to Arkansas Children's Hospital for surgery today. She is around 15 months old and went thru a very long surgery for a disorder that is very rare. What a doll she is! Pray for a quick recovery for her.


Karen Barnes said...

Oh Adrienne you look so dare cute. You look so healthy, just glowing. So happy that you & Jeremy are able to feel Jonah moving around in your tummy. Its so wonderful when our prayers are answered in God's time, he knows the desire's of our heart. I want to come too one of your baby showers. Love the little leather belt, so little. As Jonah grows up you will forget how little he was. But this will be a good reminder. Best wishes, K.Barnes= J.McCash's Mom

Jenna said...

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog - it's so nice when people can relate to you. I hate being so shy but I can't seem to get over it! =) My glucose test isn't until Oct 9 - I thought they normally did that around week 24 and I will be almost in week 26!

Angie said...

Yay Old Navy! I buy LOTS of stuff from there, and I had oh so much fun there at the baby sale not too long ago myself! You, Jeremy and Jonah are never far from my thoughts, and always in my prayers. Love you bunches.

Jessica said...

You look adorable!! Yes, get ready sista! Your litle tummy will get bigger, but with your sweet little figure, it will just make you cuter! : )