Thursday, September 04, 2008

Decisions Decisions!

Thank goodness I have my friends Kristen and Natalie coming up for our annual Girl's Weekend! How would I register for this baby without them? I am clueless! I've been checking out strollers and travel systems, but have no idea what I will like. On one hand I would like a jogger stroller with the carseat that clicks in. In my mind that would be the ideal, because you have your everyday stroller and your jogger. You can lock the front wheel in place or let it swivel depending on your terrain. Very cool. Only problem is there are few companies who offer one of these jogger/carseat combos. One of them is extremely expensive--the stroller itself is almost $400 and then you buy the attachment that lets you put the infant carseat in for $50, then you have to separately buy a Graco carseat. YIKES! Too much monies! The other company I have seen is Baby Trends at Target. They have the whole jogger/carseat combo offered together for less than $200. good some good reviews on Amazon and some not so good. Here's a pic from Target:

Ok, it doesn't have the infant seat clicked in in the pic, but you get the idea. OR do I want a regular Graco travel system and carseat for everyday, then a separate jogger stroller. They aren't that expensive for just the jogger, but the youngest you can use it is around 6 months. BUT my baby won't be born until January, so it will be close to that until I can use a jogger anyway. As crazy as I am, I will not drag my itty bitty baby outside in the winter. Or the extreme heat.

Also to compound this stroller insanity...I have no idea what to pick for a crib! I don't want to cheapest one OR the most expensive one. So you girls with experience, give me some advice! Ok, so I know these aren't real worries. Just the things rattling around in my head lately. On that note, I have some good friends and family with prayer requests concerning their health. Please mention them in your prayers if you think about it. I have at least 4 on my mind right now. Thanks!


The Cole's est 2002 said...

Oh girl...I can't wait. You know how much I love making descions for OTHER people. Myself I can't pick a paint color alone but this I have enough opinons to go round! I think you need both. The travel system will stay in your car. I guess it depends on if you plan on joggin at home or going to a park or something. If at home you leave the jogger in the garage because those things are annoying to put in a car. You have to remove the front wheel and it is just a pain. You cant go in the mall with a jogger. It is hard enough with a regular size need both. Don't worry you will use them. As far as cribs go...dont spend a ton. They are only in it for 2 years max. Then buy a decent bed. The beds I have seen converted are really low to the ground. Kinda odd looking. They may have some that aren't like that but I would want to see it converted before I bought it. Just get a decent 200-300 dollar crib and get a nice bed when they will be in it for a while. See...I am full of opinions!

kristenmccrary said...

ditto natalie.....ha....that sounds more like me doesn't it. i just agree with anybody and let everybody make my decisions for me!! haha

Jenna said...

I think I could have written your post! I have been researching everything and now I am more confused than ever on what to get!!!
One thing I've found helpful is reading the comments on the Babies R Us site. Parents who own the products leave comments, good and bad there and it's helped me rule some things out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Citiscapes is doing their best of issue. You should definitely vote for yourself and Spoiled!

kristenmccrary said...

i am ssooooooo ready for our girls weekend!!! whens it going to be!!?