Saturday, August 09, 2008

Weekend Update- a little early

I'm just sitting in my mother's garage watching people pick out their yard sale finds. We haven't done too bad. I think we've made enough to pay for a tank or two of gas to Florida. We will be leaving for Destin the 16th with Jeremy's family. His mom and dad have so graciously rented a house for all 8 of us to fit in comfortably. I can't wait to show you guys pictures! I am looking forward to being a beach bum and doing some serious shopping for Jonah.

Speaking of Jonah, that is what we've decided to name our boy, provided he is a boy. Jeremy had really liked that name for some time, but I wasn't sure I was sold on it. I thought it over for a while. I tried to think up something else to no avail. So the other night I was reading in Matthew and twice in the chapter I was reading, it mentioned the prophet Jonah. I thought that was a little odd because the story of Jonah wasn't mentioned in many other places in the Bible to my knowledge. I thought, ok that felt like a sign. Then I started to read the book of Jonah again. In the beginning it said the name Jonah meant 'dove,' which is a sign of peace and purity. It can also mean 'silliness'. If any of you know my husband, the chances of us having a silly child is a pretty good one. So the name just seemed like a fit. So Jonah it is.

I had my second ultrasound last Tuesday. It never gets old seeing my lil alien baby. We got our second confirmation that it is a boy. We got a great detailed picture of his boy parts. If its not a boy, we got some 'splaining to do. My official 19 week ultrasound is August 26th. That's when we'll know if he's healthy and continuing to grow like he should.

So I bought a diaper bag at Bella's in Springdale. They have the cutest gift items and baby things. Here's a pic.
Its that vinyl-like material on the outside. I have a hard time keeping things clean, so the abilty to wipe off stuff was a plus. I didn't think it looked too girly. I mean I am a girl, but my child isn't. I plan on getting his name embroidered on it, but at the time I wasn't sure of his name. Here's another view:

Ok yes I am sold on the add ons! The bottle cooler, the little bag, and the changing pad. It also has lots of pockets. That's a total plus for me!

Now Jeremy and I will be on our way to Hot Springs to go to a wedding. We've had a super busy weekend and its not about to slow down anytime soon!

Also I wanted to say congrats to my blog-friend/real life customer, Jen. She had her baby a couple days ago! She is so cute and has so much hair! She was induced and had her baby in 4 hours! Gives me hope! Go wish her baby a belated Happy Birthday!


Nicole M Wood said...

Sorry I missed coming by. I ended up being in Bentonville since Thursday... I love the diapar bag. I like the baby name. Do you have a middle name picked out yet??? Have fun on vacation.

Jessica said...

Cute baby name!! : ) I'm so happy for you! I want to come to a baby shower for you, so make sure to send me an invite. : )

The Cole's est 2002 said...

I loved the suprise visit. How is the last week in August or first in September for you guys? I love the name. It makes it real for him to have a name. I am still working on the middle name. I think the one we came up with is perfect!