Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Laura!

SOMEONE in my family is having a birthday today! Its my big sis, Laura! Happy birthday to the greatest big sis ever!
That's her at Christmas with her boyfriend, Sam. Look at her pretty, pretty daughters!
Keely is on the left and Katy is on the right. That is a pic of them at what seems to be one of our favorite dining places, Olive Garden. It seems like we always end up there when they come into town. Here is a pic of Laura's goofy dog, Boo.

He loves Jeremy and always wants to cuddle up with him or have his attention. Maybe its because Jeremy is pretty easy going and lets him sit on his back.

Thanks Laura for letting us stay with you this weekend! We are most appreciative and had fun hanging out with you that morning. Oh and thanks for the clothes too! I also will have to find a way to watch Split Ends! Iloved it and Ilove you!

I was also very lucky because this weekend I saw my best friend, Natalie, and she gave me some great boy baby clothes. She also gave me a bouncy seat. That's pretty cool, because there are some things you want new and some things you would love to borrow. Those are two things I am happy to get from a friend. She's had two babies, so she knows what I'll like and won't like. I cannot wait until she and my other close friend, Kristen, come up for our annual girls weekend around the end of this month and help me register! Kristen has two kids also, so I will get a wealth of information from them. Can I rant a little? Why do we not have a Babies R Us? I went into the new one in Little Rock this weekend and would love to be able to do our crib shopping and carseat shopping there. We just don't have that many options up here to buy those big ticket items. I guess the closest is Tulsa, but you really can't register for anything from here, because realistically, who will go online and buy your shower gifts? Not many people in my experience.

So do tell, ladies, what is one thing you got for your baby that you couldn't live without? What item was the biggest annoyance/disappointment/waste of money? I would love to get your input, so I don't end up with a bunch of gimmicky things that I won't realistically use.


Beth said...

There is a Babies R Us in Joplin!!! It's new! :)

The Cole's est 2002 said...

Tell you what...there are plenty of people that love you south of the river! You register there for something you really want and I am sure we can make it happen. The dumbest thing I didn't use was the bathtub thing. Where do you keep that when you aren't using it? They just slide down it in a little ball anyways. Good question!Oh and I seem to remember some great friends ordering my stuff online! We got that store after both of mine were born anyways so I feel you.

davidcatherinewilson said...

I registered at PBK with Zander and actually got everything I had registered for. I think some people like ordering off their computer than having to go out. I love the sling. It is great when they are fussy but you still want to be able to do stuff with your hands. I never used teh swing with either kids but I didn't have a fancy one. Have fun registering!

Jessica said...

How are you feeling? I hope well!!