Monday, August 04, 2008

Now We're Even!

We have an even number of each gender in our house these days. How's that, you ask? Well there's me, my hubby Jeremy, my female dog Riley, and........a baby boy growing in my belly! Can you believe it? Let me backtrack and tell you the whole story, because, well, that's what a blog is for. I can ramble on as much as I a certain extent!

Previously I had mentioned that Jeremy's cousin David had heard on KLRC about a place in Siloam Springs that is needed preggy models to practice ultrasounds on. He told my husband, who forgot the tell me, but luckily David's wife Catherine, mentioned it to me at her haircut a few weeks ago. So I checked it out. I had posted about this previously.

Tuesday, I had just had my 15 week appointment with the OB and of course it was a quick how-are-you-doing appointment. We listened to the heartbeat again (which has consistently been 150 bpm since 10 weeks). I turned down the AFP testing and went on my merry way.

Friday we were lucky enough to get an appointment in Siloam Springs. My husband didn't go to my OB appt since we knew it would be a quickie and opted to go to the Siloam Springs appt. (Fortunately we live about 15 minutes from Siloam). It was the neatest thing ever. They had a ultrasound tech who was teaching other nurses how to properly do them. So there were 3 women learning and the tech. So all three women took their turn looking around and identifying body parts and getting the heart rate and head size, etc. It was the coolest thing to me to get to see this baby! I could pick out arms, legs, the spine, its little mouth opening and closing, its arms and legs moving around. I was amazed. While the three ladies were doing their job, the tech was making suggestions on how to optimize the picture and really just complimenting how great of a job they were doing. (They were on the last day of their training). The tech announced that she would do the final scan and then let us know the sex! What? I had hoped that maybe they could venture a guess, but had no idea they would be able to tell me!

So the u/s tech took over and looked around and tried to get the baby to move out of the curled up position. Then she announced that it was a little boy! Jeremy was just silent, staring at the screen. I was amazed and just so happy. I think she felt so confident because while one of the first girls were scanning me, she had seen that he was a boy. Then that girl piped up that she thought she had seen it too. So she kept trying to get a hiney shot so she could really show us. She finally got that shot and we could see that he was a boy! She said she would be confident in buying blue and throwing away the receipts!

The coolest part of all of this was that they asked to pray for us after 45 minute session was over. I was really touched that they did that. I teared up then. I was just so surprised at how amazed I was to get to see so much of him. It really gave him a personality to me. I can plan, I can pick up good bargains in the proper colors...its real, he's really in there. I was still so scared that they wouldn't find anything in there. So here's some early pics of baby Woody

Skeletor baby! That's a front view of his face on the left and his little scrunched up body on the right.
This is a pic of baby face down and you can see his spine.

Another face down shot. His leg is folded up under him. You can see his ribs and his spine and the amniotic fluid he's been swallowing in his belly. Pretty cool. Can you believe he's the size of an apple or so?

Did I buy anything yet? Yes of course I did. I just bought a few things...I still feel strange buying baby stuff. There was a time in my life I never thought I would be doing that for myself. But they're nothing fancy or embroidered (we haven't decided for sure on a name yet), but still cute.

Perfect for a January baby. Snuggly and cute.Aunt Laura bought these items. She had bought me the little pants before she knew gender...and she's very good with her intuitions. (Apparently EVERYONE else is too. Everyone told me they thought it was a boy. No one told me girl.) Then she bought me these onesies and shirts to match the pants.

So unless I get another ultrasound that tells me differently, I'm going with boy! (I am actually blessed to get another ultrasound tomorrow as a favor and we'll see what they say!) So get ready to see pics of our cowboy room for baby boy Woody.


Kelly said...

A BOY!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Did you have any feelings beforehand on what you thought it was ? A boy will be so sweet.
My dad's cousin works for Loving Choices here and she just let me know I could do the same thing there- have a free U/S for practice for them. I'm very torn because in 2 weeks we have our big U/S and our families will be there and I don't want to find out anything before then - but I would love to be reassured that everythign is okay. I'm trying to decide what to do. I guess they could do it and not tell me the sex. (of course - I'd love to get an early read but I don't want to ruin the surprise for everyone else).
Congrats again - that's SOOOO exciting!

Jen said...

Yippee!! I'm so glad I saw this post! Isn't it the MOST exciting thing in the world to know that you can start referring to him as "him" now? It actually took me a day or two to get used to saying "her" and "she" when we found out about Caroline.

Oh, and in case you hadn't seen our blog post, we are going to meet Caroline TOMORROW! I was hoping she'd come on her own before then, but we are scheduled for induction at 6 am! I'm not actually due until Sunday, but the doc says we're ready to go if I wanted to do it early!

Check back for pics, if you get a chance! I'll be calling soon for a haircut appt!! :-)

Nicole M Wood said...

AHHHHHH CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see his room. What are some of the names that you have picked out?

davidcatherinewilson said...

I am just so happy for you all. I love the pics. It amazes me everytime, to see how God really is knitting together the baby in your womb. It is such a miracle . I love all the sweet outfits and can't wait to see him in them.

Jessica said...

Woo Hoo! A boy! Yeah! : ) I bought boy stuff right away too! It will be fun reading each other's blogs with two little boys so close in age. Congrats, girl. I'm so very happy for you.

Jenna said...

Wow, congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to find out what we are having so I can go on a shopping spree!

Jenna said...

Oh, I was going to tell you that the link you have for my blog doesn't take you to my blog! I guess theres another Jenna's Journey out there, ha! Here's my link:

Mary Kate said...

Congrats Adrienne!! How exciting! I can't wait to find out...hopefully tomorrow!!! I can't wait to shop!! Congrats again...go BLUE!!

Brandy said...

CONGRATS!! It's the year for boys! Everyone is having a boy! I'm so glad everything is going well--it's so nice to be reassured-

Can't wait to see more!

The Cole's est 2002 said...

I guess I dont have to tell you how excited I am. The more I think about it I get more and more anxious to meet him. Cant wait to get up there!