Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day update

Happy Valentine's Day! Jonah spent the evening with Mimi and Grandpa while we had a date night for Valentine's Day. Look at the cute bears that Jonah got from Mimi and Grandpa.
I think he was really interested in that little dog!

Of course he's a dog person! He got that from his momma and daddy! ha! Jeremy and I headed to Noodles. We got there at 5 p.m. and the foyer was already packed! The other restaurants we passed on our way there were packed too. Olive Garden had people sitting outside waiting for a table already. And it was cold last night. I'd rather eat at McDonalds on V-Day than wait outside for an hour. Anyway we did wait at Noodles, but only about 25 minutes or so. And we got to sit while we waited. Inside. My kind of dining. :)

We left there and headed to Old Navy to spend a gift card that Jonah received. He got a pair of jeans and a pair of khaki pants. He just has to grow a little bit more so he can fit into them. After that we went and got my pedicure! It was wonderful and I was in serious need! Jeremy just waited for me and played on my iphone. It was nice to get to hang out with him and get my toes done at the same time.

Today I got brave and let Jonah nap in his crib. I got the monitor up and running and he did great. I may put him in there at night soon. I've been keeping him in a bassinet in our bedroom or sleeping with him on the couch all night long. Maybe those days are over! Maybe. Then we tried out our baby backpack. Well he was in front, but he kinda whined a little bit at first, then fell asleep in it. So maybe that counts as him liking it.

I head back to work Saturday for a day. I will work this Saturday all day and then I'll be off again until Saturday March 7 when I'll do the same thing. Then back to work for good the week of March 17. It has gone by so fast. Going back to work will be a real transition time. I am used to working late most nights. I'm not sure how I will feel trying to work those late hours! I'll be missing my boys at home. I know Jonah will be in good hands with my mom and MIL tag-teaming his care. I worry more about Jonah being spoiled! :)

I have a question about nursing. What foods have you found have made your baby fussy? I am trying to figure this one out. Jonah will have days it seems like his belly hurts him and days he is completely fine. I don't think its a reflux thing, I think its more air in his belly or a food I'm eating that doesn't sit well with him. I thought it was milk at first, but I've had days that I've drank milk and it doesn't bother him...hmmmm... And have I mentioned how much I really dread pumping! It is a good thing to be able to do that. It is nice to have the milk stored and be able to be away from baby for a few hours if need be, but it is a chore to me. Total chore. Of course I'll keep doing it, but I'll keep not liking it too. I better get used to it because I'll be doing it a lot at work!

Now that I've rambled on and on, I will go. We are going to Great Grandma Walker's house for dinner tonight. That will be some good food. Have a great Monday!


Jennifer said...

He is so precious and growing sooo fast! I'm with you on pumping! I basically do it for the sake of having it stored but I hate doing it!

As far as foods go, I noticed really acidic foods like citus seem to make him fussy. I notice on days I drink more than one diet coke or too much tea he spits up! Obviously, mexican doesn't seem to work too well!! haha! One of my friends told me just to keep the water intake high and it seems to help balance some of those things out! If you find out anything else, let me know. Brody is 4 months old, but I still have to adjust my diet and I always like to learn something new!!

Jen said...

Hey girl! That's great that Jonah will be able to stay with his grandmas!! It's definitely the best thing I can to being a SAH mom, which isn't in the cards for me. Caroline has a very special relationship with her Grammy, and I'm thankful she can come keep her every day!

Do you know if you have any morning openings on the 7th? We are going to a special event that night, and I might be due for a small trim. If not, I'll get in touch about some time after you're back.

Jonah is a cutie!! Maybe he and Caroline will get to meet up some day!

Jessica said...

So glad you had a good V day! I only nursed 10 weeks and never pumped once, so I am not much help in that department... I can telly ou that we transitioned Harbor ino his crib full time at 10 weeks. I rest so much better now. He is a bit of a restless sleeper. : ) Keep us posted!

Trout Family said...

My baby is a month tomorrow and we have cut out a lot from my diet to see if anything helps...dairy, green veggies, beans, carbonated drinks, chocolate, spicy anything...just to name a few! I've noticed a big difference, unfortunately for me...I will once a day introduce one thing to see if there is a reaction. We are very invested in Mylicon! Just note...give when you feed, not when upset!

davidcatherinewilson said...

I'm glad that you got a night out on the town. I saw a pic of you on Jessica's blog and you looked so skinny!

As far as food goes. I cut out everything with z except for green beans and chicken and he still cried. I added everything back and he still cried. One day i would eat something that I thought bothered him and the next time it didn't. I finally just gave up! Good luck-that part was frustrating for me.

lizziefitz said...

When I nursed I think I was down to bread and water as the only 2 things that didn't bother babies' tummy. Of course all the meals we received were yummy cheese , garlic , dark green veggies and chocolate:( (hubby got to eat alot)

Natalie said...

I ate whatever I wanted. I guess I just didnt think of his fussiness as reacting to me. I did notice garlic. My milk would smell like garlic if I ate too much. Neither one seemed to care but my kids just loved to eat. I love that first pic. He looks pretty relaxed.