Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Food and Selling Some Land

Great Grandma Walker and Jonah.
Since Jonah's been born, Jeremy and I haven't seen his grandma much. We, of course, have been busier than usual! :) So she invited us over for dinner Monday night. You do not turn down a Grandma Walker meal. We had roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, rolls, and blackberry cobbler! So good. She got some good Great Grandma-Jonah time in. He was asleep almost the whole time we were there. We passed him around several times and he barely opened an eye. Of course, he was awake later that night for mommy! :) He slept until about 11 pm and then was awake until almost 3 am. He was a bit fussy, his belly was hurting him some.

Speaking of, I read up on the evening gassy, fussy baby thing. They said basically that its very common for young babies to fuss in the evening. They gave lots of ideas for calming baby. I also read that they haven't proven that baby gets gassy from foods mom eats. They said its very rare for a baby to have a reaction and it would be because of a food allergy more than likely. Breastmilk is produced by what is in mom's blood and not her gut, so really food shouldn't cause gas in the baby. Go figure. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. They said babies get gassy and fussy because of their immature digestive system, too much air in the tummy from nursing, pacifiers, crying, and maybe even the need to be held and coddled. This is all from Also apparently its common for babies to cluster nurse in the evening. I know my Jonah does that some nights. I feel like its impossible for him to still be hungry, and maybe he is hungry and perhaps he just needs to nurse to soothe. I felt much better reading all this, so I thought I would share for those of you out there who are moms to babes about Jonah's age.

I am happy to say we closed on the sale of our land yesterday. We sold 6.5 acres to a nice family. We still have 4.5 acres with our house and we were pleasantly surprised how much that was when they marked it off. They are going to build a house and have a horse or horses (I'm not sure how many.) I loooove horses, so hopefully they wont care if I pet them through the fence. Ha! My husband laughs at me because I run out here on our road and stop from time to time and talk to and pet all our neighbor's horses. We have lots of neighbors with them. They're so sweet! Anyway, the sale of our land came just at the right time with the new baby and all the expenses that come along with him. The Lord had a plan all along!

Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, can't believe the week is already half over!


Brittney said...

He is absoultely adorable! I LOVE the blond hair! Brooklynn was always gassy and fussy from about 6-10pm. I'm hoping we won't have to deal with that this time around! :) Oh, and I love his nursery and bedding. I just finished making our bedding & it feels so good to have done it myself! Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll so I remember to come by here?

Jessica said...

So excited the land sold. You will love the Wyatt family- very sweet.