Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Weekend was a blur!

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure why I haven't felt like blogging lately...I guess I felt like I had nothing to report. I still don't! Let me update you on what's been going on.
This is me in the 'recovery room' at the clinic where I got my embryo tranfer, May 3. It was painless, they didn't even give me anything for this procedure, but I have to sit still for about an hour afterwards. Jeremy and I headed home directly after because I had to be on bedrest for 48 hours. They meant serious bedrest too. I was not allowed to leave my house, to shower, to really get up for anything besides the bathroom. I was SO bored and helpless! Our sweet family and friends did bring us food. Jeremy's mom brought us dinner one night and so kindly waited on me! Idon't think I moved from the couch the whole time she was there. I felt like such a blob! Then Sunday morning came around and we couldn't even go to church. Our friends, Krissi and Will, brought us Subway for lunch. (It sounded so good to me! All these hormones that have been pumped into my body have made me crave some crazy stuff!) Then my mom brought us dinner Sunday night. She brought shrimp alfredo, salad, bread, and CAKE with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

Finally Monday morning came! I was free! I could bathe! I could LEAVE THE COUCH, much less the house! I had plans to go into town and just do nothing! Krissi met me for lunch at Atlanta Bread Company with her little girl. We had fun watching her eat. I had the California Avacado sandwich and vegetable soup. It hit the spot.

Then I left lunch to head to Hancocks Fabric and WalMart. I got this great idea to make aprons for my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law for Mother's Day. So I bought all the material and headed to my mom's house to use her sewing machine and her brain! (I'm a new sewer, so I had to ask her many questions!)

Here's my mother-in-law, Barbara's apron. This is a picture before the pocket was sewn on. I got the pockets embroidered.
Kind of a blurry picture (I took it with my Iphone). But it turned out pretty cute. This next one is Grandma Walker's apron. She lives on a farm and raises cattle among other things. No, she does not raise dairy cattle, like my husband liked to point out because of the 'expansive udders' on the cows in the fabric. Sorry, I don't know the difference between cattle quite yet!That's my mom modeling it! She will probably hate me for posting this pic...we were in our comfy clothes while I was sewing that day! She made me promise to not get her face in the pic. Here's the pic of the embroidered pocket for his grandma. I got it done in 'western' font. So cute!Now my next sewing job is to make my mom and myself one.

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Those are adorable!!!