Thursday, December 15, 2005


What's that, you say? You want to see more pictures of me? And my beautiful children?

Jeremy and Adrienne
As for that pic, well, Jeremy's 26 in human years, of course (189 in dog years-sheesh), due to be 27 tomorrow, Dec. 16. I am 25 and will be 26 in April. (mark your calendars) I will not be calculating my age in dog years, because, well, quite honestly, 26 feels old enough. I'm on the downhill slippery slope towards 30! I can't even say that out loud! We are going out to eat for J's birthday tomorrow night, if he can ever decide where we are going. I keep making suggestions and his answer keeps being, "maybe." Well, there's not much more time for maybes. I didn't get him anything for his birthday because a couple months ago we agreed that he would get some basketball shoes and that would be his birthday gift. I'm sure he has forgotten about that now, but you know he was the one born right before Christmas, not me...I timed it well being a spring baby. So it's not my fault! I was planning ahead even in the womb. Some people's kids.

Bosleigh is the beautiful black labrador. She's 3 in human years, and 21 in dog years. Riley is my chocolate lab mix. She's 1 in human years and 7 in dog years. They're beautiful, they stink, and I love them.

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