Monday, December 12, 2005


Here's a pic of the house. Exciting, I know. The grass is a lovely shade of dead, but at least the sky is blue. It was about 40 degrees this morning, which is warm for the weather we've been having. Especially after having run off the road Thursday from ice...that's a whole other story. The pic on the right is a view of my dining room. I didn't take any pics of my kitchen, because honestly, it was kinda messy. I will entertain you with one more pic of my house. A lovely picture of the living room.

Yes that's a dandy shade of 'school bus yellow' as my supportive husband puts it. And also that TV that is far too small for the built in entertainment center...I believe the words 'I can't even see it from the couch [on the left]' were uttered in my presence. Believe me, I have a cheap fix for that problem...don't sit on that couch. Voila!

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dieter said...

Hello from Melbourne Australia. Your house looks fantastic and on a nice amount of land, you must be very happy there.Does it snow there at christmas ''we are in Summer here'' Merry Christmas to you and your family , dogs included lol