Monday, September 21, 2009

It is really storming outside tonight. Well by now the loss of the Razorbacks has sunk in. I just thought I'd show you a pic of my two cuties in their Razorback gear.
Saturday Jeremy, Jonah and I headed to our friends house for the game. I am sorry, but I am not much of a football fan. I know people don't understand that. I can appreciate a Razorback game, but I'm not going to watch it on my own. Anyway, at the Froud's house, I dropped off my boys, and left with the other wives for a great dinner at Noodles. It was really good for us girls to get to eat and talk without the kids. And there was no wait whatsoever!

Then Sunday morning our church hosted a speaker from the State Baptist Convention who spoke on stewardship. We learned a lot about our finances. I am really excited to put to practice what we learned.

I am still working on Jonah's costume. I have the bodice done, I just need to finish the paws, the tail and the hood. Those parts have all the cute details like the white fur that makes it really look like a skunk!

Here are the bibs I put iron -on letters on. (I don't know why this picture loaded sideways). I had put Jonah or his initials on so many of them, I had run out of those letters. So I tried to think of other phrases to use up some letters.

I've also decided against making Jonah a trick-or-treat bag. Instead I decided to buy a bag and decorate it with fabric and ribbon. I will also probably get his name embroidered on it. These are my latest projects. I usually get to work on them in the evenings while Jonah sleeps. Jeremy usually mows the lawn, catches up on his shows, or does this: Seriously, I did not set this picture up. He fell asleep this way. I was reading a magazine on the other couch and glanced over at him to see if he was nodding off...and he this. He had no idea I took his picture until later when I showed it to him.

Jonah has been teething again. He has one upper front tooth poking through and I'm sure the other upper front tooth is soon to come. He hasn't slept well in the last two weeks. He also hasn't taken a bottle in the last week and a half or so. Im trying to work with him on using a sippy cup. He will nurse when I'm home, and eats baby food while I'm at work, but has refused bottles when my mom tries to give them to him. It worries me, but he certainly isn't losing any weight from it. I do think it keeps him waking up during the night to eat though. This momma hasn't gotten a full night of sleep in over 8 months, but honestly I'm used to it. He is so happy during the day and is a pretty easy going baby. If not sleeping well is the trade-off for a happy-go-lucky baby, then I'll take it. My mom said I didn't sleep or eat much as a baby and the doctor told her not to worry about it as long as I was growing properly and seemed happy. I'm pretty ok today, so I try not to worry!

What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

For all of you out there who tune into my blog to see what Jonah is up to, here are two videos for your viewing enjoyment. I LOOOOVE to hear him laugh. And no one can make him laugh like his daddy.

I sure wish I knew how to edit out my voice!!

This pretty well gets me caught up! I hope this will get Jonah's Mimi, Aunt Laura, Sissy, Aunt Nat, Aunt Kris, Katy, and Keely through until our next installment! We miss you!


Kelli said...

He is SO cute. I check your blog daily hoping for little snippets and updates. The videos are adorable. We fly into Little Rock tomorrow for a week for Leslie's wedding. I am really looking forward to being home for a little bit!
Keep up the blogging, your baby is growing up very quickly!!

The Allens said...

I just can't believe all the stuff you can make!!!

Jessica said...

I always love seeing your updates!

Natalie said...

Miss you too! Maybe one day I will take the time to update. :)

Angela H said...

Love the baby laughs!! It doesn't matter how crappy your day might have been, baby laughs bring a smile EVERY TIME! xoxoxo

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